Best Perks for each Hunter/Monster?


I want to know what all of you think is the best perks for each hunter/monster. Any suggestions are welcome.


Behemoth=Damage Increase
Goliath=Damage Increase
Wraith=Speed Increase
Kraken=Feeding Speed
Just my thang


I main behemoth and i use Movement Speed so i don’t need to roll to travel around quickly so i can save my roll to run from hunters.


I just like Damage Increase because it makes me hit like a bloody truck lol, its amazing


I use it on defend but i always use MS on hunt. Try and catch me now! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I use feeding speed with behemoth. All other monsters I use smelling range. I use it for defensive and offensive purposes. Its really hard to sneak up on a monster with smelling range and you know when they are cutting you off. Offensive wise I like to use it to catch a hunter who is the most out of position or lead them to a bad location for them.


I have thought of trying smell range to see if i can long-range mortar (lava-bomb can be used like one. I think its range is half of the largest map(correct me if im wrong)). I would LAUGH if i killed a hunter using that…hehe


I think you are right about the distance I have hit hunters from deep on occasion with that. But smell range with level 3 abduct with wraith is great. Especially with they are huddle up at the relay and you snatch one from max range.


I’m terrible with any monster OTHER then Behemoth…idk why but the first time i used behemoth something just clicked…i LOVE using him.

Also any suggestions for hunters are welcome (considering the name of this topic is "Best perks for HUNTERS and monsters :wink:)


I use Movement Speed for Goliath and Wraith. Reason being it helps immensely with escape, juking, farming, making distance AND it lets you close the distance easily in combat. Great perk.

Hunters, it depends. Val, Laz, Hank, Sunny, and all Trappers I use Jetpack with. Cabot, Reload. Bucket, DI. Slim, torn between Jetpack and Capacity/Reload when it’s fixed.


I go weapon-switch for most hunters (all medics(minus laz: reload speed) All trappers, Parnell, Torvald, Cabot, maybe sunny? i don’t remember). I don’t use Hank, Markov, or Hyde that much.


Capacity - Caira/Parnell/Torvald. Self-explanatory. Caira gets more healing to facetank the Monster. Parnell can get huge amounts of shots during SS, and Torvald can just switch between shotgun and mortars endlessly. Almost a direct 50% damage increase for these two. Sunny until the reload perk is fixed.

Cooldown - Kraken, and Goliath if you do a Leap Smash + Charge build. Kraken for the Vortex spam on the assault while you do the real damage with Aftershock or Banshee Mines.

Damage - Goliath if you’re doing a Rock Throw build. This used to be the end-all Monster perk. Muh 5% nerf!

Damage Resistance - Val. It makes her healing field more efficient on herself as well as any support shield. While you can argue health regen does the same, this perk throws the Monster’s damage estimations off.

Health regen - Hyde, or anyone in a team with Laz. Hyde doesn’t synergize with capacity or reload or quick switch, and the damage perk got nerfed, so being able to recover health during your shield is a nice bonus for your medic, especially since Hyde always takes chip damage from being close to the Monster for his flamethrower. Laz can also take this, but I’ve found jump height to avoid the damage altogether is usually better.

Jetpack - Bucket/Crow/Slim. For when nothing else stands out. Hank if you don’t think you’ll need quick switch. Griffin can also use this as a nice line between faster movement over uneven terrain while being on the ground for a harpoon. Markov and Hyde for staying near the Monster if the medic won’t have issues topping them off.

Jump height - Anyone! But Abe/Cabot/Laz in particular. A lot of people are going to call me a scrub for this because jump height was meh at 200%. Jump height’s buff to 300% is flippin’ amazing for jetpack boost distance, dodging Monster abilities, juking the Monster into wasting time moving to you, and crossing uneven terrain with no speed loss. I love it! Jump height Abe and Laz are nightmares for the Monster to focus and they can burst across distance very quickly (evolve dome very easy for Abe). Laz is almost always guaranteed an escape when cloaking with this perk. Cabot can get many long distance headshots with the constant free upward glides, and becomes a hero when defending the relay as his movement is high and he will also leave no trail and hardly any footsteps.

Movement speed - Behemoth, Maggie, Wraith, and Goliath if a Fire Breath start. For Behemoth, this makes his traversal more of a repositioning thing and he is much harder for Hunters to avoid as his heavy attacks will come out earlier. For Maggie, it affects Daisy too. For the coward Wraiths that take Decoy, this perk is the obvious choice, but for the non-coward Wraiths that stage into Supernova, this perk allows you to constantly melee a Hunter around the battlefield as they tumble backwards and it is very easy to move them out of line of sight. It also helps greatly in the hit-and-run playstyle of avoiding damage.

Reload - Currently no one since it’s bugged! But when it’s back to working fully, Cabot and Sunny both benefit greatly, and Caira and Lazarus will too. Slim is arguable on facetank versus avoidance.


Reload is my go to for most characters, except for quick switch with val and sunny, jet pack recharge for maggie, crow and bucket, and health regen when I play with a laz

But I generally vary my perks for maggie, crow, sunny and bucket, cause I’m trying to find one that really works for them

  • Goliath - feeding speed or damage increase
  • Kraken - I dunno, I don’t like Kraken but cooldown reduction is probably best
  • Wraith - feeding speed or damage resistance (Wraith is squishy and does plenty of damage as is)
  • Behemoth - feeding speed or movement speed (he already hits like a truck and can take the hits just fine)
  • Markov - damage increase (the lightning gun is a bit weak)
  • Hyde - damage increase (all his weapons are a tad weak and this brings him up to the level of the other assaults)
  • Parnell - capacity (so many shots per SS)
  • Torvald - capacity (is there really any other choice for him?)
  • Maggie - Movement speed (affects Daisy too)
  • Griffin - Reload Speed (Jetpack till they fix it - allows you to stay on the Monster’s butt)
  • Abe - Reload Speed (Jetpack or Capacity till they fix it - Abe has pretty decent DPS and the capacity allows him to help out)
  • Crow - Crow is a weird one; quick switch or jetpack recharge
  • Hank - Capacity (bigger, stronger shields)
  • Bucket - Damage Increase (no other choice for him really)
  • Cabot - Reload Speed (Capacity till they fix it - the capacity allows him to amp 50% more damage per use)
  • Sunny - Reload (Damage resistance till they fix it)
  • Val - quick switch or reload
  • Laz - Reload, but it’s broken so it’s a touch choice; Damage Resistance or jetpack recharge (Laz’s survivability is the most important thing when he’s in the game)
  • Caira - Reload (Capacity till they fix it - more grenades = more heals)
  • Slim - Capacity increase (8 shots charges the Leech Gun twice from 40 meters, 14 shots gives you three heal bursts per clip; helps keep up with the burst damage)

P.S. If Laz is on the team Health Regen is a must!

Hope this helped :smile:


Reload works alright for Torvald, if you wish to swap between weapons. But I prefer capacity, more burst when they land.

I like Weapon Swap on Griffin sometimes, quick swaps for harpoon grabs.

Other than that, I agree with most choices, and those were just alternatives.


I don’t like quick swap for Griffin, myself. In a dome, unless your Assault is dead or retarded, your SMG should almost never be in your hands. His SMG is one of the weakest, if not the weakest, gun in the game. His Harpoon Gun is his main tool and I feel like his perk should revolve around making this as effective as possible.


You should be in position enough to make it effective without a 30% faster reload. You’re not trying to land harpoons every time you reload it.


Good point but I feel like a good team will spread out and the Monster will need to switch targets a lot. You need to put the Monster between you and your teammate and put the Harpoon right in his butt. This is where I feel the Jetpack Recharge comes in handy - helps you keep good positioning. Reload is best for chasing the Monster down - he breaks the harpoon, you have another ready 30% faster to stop him in his tracks. That’s just my humble opinion though. To each their own and if it works for you, keep it up! :wink: :thumbsup:


Kraken: Movement Speed


For monster, never go near damage resistance