Best perk pick discussion for new update


if u had 10K keys whic perk will you spend them on and why…


I don’t know how much it is to get level 3 for each tier but I would like my Hyde to have:
Tier1-weapon switch, when I use all my flamethrower fuel I quickly switch to my toxic 'nade and back again, the flamethrower is reload by then
Tier2-I couldn’t decide if Rocket Lord or weapon capacity would be better. Switch between the 2 for survival and dps
Tier3-I think every Assault should take damage, that’s your role after all

Hyde was my preferred Assault in Evolve Legacy, I understand how’s he’s meant to be played and I like his consistent damage rather than Torvald/Parnell/Lenny’s burst dmg. Markov’s dmg was too low and Blitzkov’s beam just breaks all the time if a twig got in the way!


i put all the keys on movement speed now i regeret … all 3 tiers jsut movement speed :stuck_out_tongue: i dont notice a lot of difference like in previous version i think slot1 slot 2 slot 3 stack…


For monster the 2nd level slow on melee attack and third level the movement speed.

I dunno about hunters too many different combos.


They do stack, patch notes say hunter’s movement speed was reduced from 5.5m/s to 5.3m/s not a big difference but I’m not sure how perk percentage affects it. What does 3 level 3 movement speed perks add up to?


For my monster builds right now I go 1 Movement speed 2 Climb / Traversal 3 Cooldown


I would not buy any perks in Stage 1 because most of those you can unlock simply by leveling up.