Best perk for Sunny


Hmmm really? Well I wasnt 100% sure about reload on drone, but I am pretty sure the capacity got effect on drone


Just going on damage:
Average 85.4 damage per second if using capacity or any non-combat perk.
Average 93.9 damage per second if using the damage boost.
Average 108.5 damage per second if using 25% reload perk. Wait, it is 25%, right? I did these calculations away from my gaming computer.
Equation: (Damage * capacity)/((60/rounds per minute * capacity) + Reload Time + Delay)


Playing with Val and/or Jack? Go Capacity.

Not playing with Val and/or Jack and are good at dodging? Go Jetpack Recharge.

Not playing with Val and/or Jack and are great at dodging? Go movespeed. *unless you know it’s a Kraken, then go JP


Yeah, I was wondering if a regular or leader could do it, I don’t know how either.


Think over more factors, not pure it doesnt affect mininuke. It does affect in a way. Shoot grenade, swap to booster then quickly swap back to mininuke and shoot. This gives the same fire rate as reload perk. And you can quicker boost someone without loosing much damage output.


it doesnt affect the fire rate at all.

even if you shoot grenade swap and shoot again, you still had to wait 1.7sec inbetween shots. that means you can fire a grenade every 1.7secs.

where as with reload, you can fire a grenade every 1.19 sec.

the difference between the perks is [quote=“TaliZ, post:32, topic:80892”]
And you can quicker boost someone without loosing much damage output.

but that does NOT affect fire rate


Aye, Aye, Cap’n :wink:

#Which Perk Is Best For Sunny?

  • Quick Switch
  • Reload Speed
  • Jet Pack Recharge
  • Movement Speed
  • Capacity
  • Damage Increase
  • Other (Please specify)

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Only including the ones that have already been mentioned. But the Other is there in case, for some strange reason, someone uses something else :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Anyone can make a poll.


It DOES affect fire rate. Weapon’s reloading time is quicker in background. Same with Griffin’s harpoon, you switch to smg after harpooning, fire few shots then switch back to harpoon and it’s ready, a bit quicker than waiting whole reloading anim. Same with Sunny, check that in game, it’s obvious, clearly visible. Maybe it isn’t exactly 100% reload perk’s time but it is still quicker than with any other perk thus quick switch can affect fire rate.


Reload doesnt change in the back ground. What you’re experiencing is a temporal illusion.


It’s like watching a clock VS doing something to pass the time


I like health region or is you have a medic that’s actually a medic then I’d go with reload speed.


Well, I give the same instructions Ive been given by better players than I am.

  • QuickS, reload, capacity

  • If you need movement/Jet pack, its only good for you, not to your team. If positioning/dodging is not your forte, its best to let someone else play Sunny who can use Jetpack efficiently. Sadly, this holds much of the truth as far as Ive understood the game. I would use QS, if needed to play Support/Sunny.


I always thought capacity affects the drone.


capacity does NOT affect the drone. only quick switch does.


I do believe that capacity makes the drone shield 40% extra than normal. Reload also affects it but not on the first charge.





Oh, thank you for correcting me. So now what perk would be best considering I’ve been going with capacity lately? Reload? I don’t want to take capacity just to give the JPB one extra boost.


reload affects

Capacity affects

Quick Switch affects
Shield Drone (not really needed though as you only have 1 at a time)

I believe some people do jetpack recharge in order to keep up with who they’re boosting on the chase. while also giving you additional dodging capabilities in a dome.


Thank you, glad I know this now!


I now run quick switch. Monsters know that the drone must be taken out first. So as soon as you see a monster going for it, you can instantly put up another. In btw that, boosting a person and nuking the monster can be done in almost less than a second. Its a more tecnical peek in my opinion.

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