Best perk for Sunny


I’m really torn between quick switch and reload speed. I’ve been using quick switch for ages and it has been a game saver in a few situations. Recently I just tried reload speed and it is amazing as well but she loses her ability to boost and do damage literally at the same time. What do you guys suggest?
EDIT: There is a poll in reply 34, go give your opinion there! I would also appreciate a reply on this topic as towards why you choose that specific perk.


I usually go with movement speed or jet pack recharge just to make sure I am as mobile as possible.


Quick switch.


I normally go quick switch, but I’m not a great sunny player. :smile:


I like reload. More nukes!


Movement speed or reload imo.


Capacity to provide an a huge distance

Or reload for the damage


Reload!! BOOOOM! :slightly_smiling:


Always reload for me.


I rate reload.

Love the extra damage capability, as well as having the jetpack booster back up and running sooner - literally a life saver :wink:


Yep… reload speed perk for Sunny.

I could be wrong but it fills the shield drone’s capacity faster as well right?


Jetpack is good for survivability and constant shield drones, as soon as you throw one down you have jetpack to book it to another ledge. once that one gets destroyed you can put one down on ledge #2 and bump over to another one, ledge #3. the monster never gets to attack you without a shield drone up and you are free to shoot/boost all you please


My rage described so well.


Thank you everyone for your reply! Seems like everyone rates reload speed as the best perk :smile:


I like Capacity, extra Jetpack Booster and extra Shields.


At the moment Reload.
After nerf: Hank or Cabot is your best “perk” :stuck_out_tongue:


Since her release, I always pick Capacity.


Capacity and reload dont impact her drone.

IMO, reload and quick swap are the best perks for sunny.

Reload primarily for damage. Being a single shot weapon, your damage output is increase directly by how much faster you reload (or damn near enough to it). The extra boost is nice, but IMO- completely un-necessary if a team is doing their job.

But personally, I prefer quick switch. Fire a nuke, jet pack boost, fire a buke, toss out a drone, fire a nuke, jet pack someone again. Reload only works best IMO when someone ISNT being focused, and you have time to sit on the mini-nuke launcher. This rarely happens against goo monsters however, and youll be spending most of your time replacing drones, and boosting people. Taking QS lets you get nukes out constantly during these tasks. Against good monsters, i find QS saves more people, and lets me do more damage as I can multi-task more efficiently. QS also “synchs up” with the drone deployment better. Getting that thing out a second sooner can literally be the difference between life and death.


I don’t suppose it’s possible to get a poll?


I go capacity strictly for the Jetpack Booster :+1::+1: