Best perk for Slim


With Slim’s healing burst, what is the best perk? I’ve tried alot of different perk setups and I have found 4 that i like but I want to know what you guys think and what is your favorite setup for Slim.

Full capacity for more heal potential with each clip (going from 8 to 10 or 11 cant remember). Loved it in Legacy.
Full reload for reloading faster so you can get back to firing and giving heath.
Full cooldown for your healing burst recharging faster and healing team if your down. Seen Poncha use it in videos.
Full switch for utility but alot of people say the stink bomb sucks.

So tell me your thoughts on the perk setup above and your favorite perk setup.


For whatever odd reason they’ve nerfed Slim’s reload speed in this last patch, so I’d probably just say to go with Reloader and Speedloader with like dodge thrust or flight efficiency for bronze.

In Legacy I usually picked Quick Switch because you could basically instantly pop a SCL shot as soon as you hit ‘2’. Not to mention the deploy time for the Bug was really nice in tight situations.


You are completely right


:smiley: love the videos keep up the good work


Thanks. I’m starting to do guides for each medic so that should help people with perk problems.


I play as slim using both reload speed perks. I think you being able to shoot more will give you more healing potential than CD, and yes that cloud is kinda useless right now ‘-’ IMO


Because he’s extremely strong and borderline OP?

I played more Slim than I ever have until he got overpowered again so I jumped ship but I don’t recommend capacity, reload, or cooldown because they do so little for him. Go for perks that will keep you alive longer, overthrusters, recharge, efficiency, things like that.


I used to go for capacity, when it was nerfed I switched to CDR. But then I switched to full rocket lord, so I can survive/get closer to monster when needed.


Yeah, for a total of 0,2 seconds!


What ever perks help him stock up the health spam.

Silm and his leech gun are still a bit broke atm. So amping up that ability, make the monster focus you and heal all the team right behind the monster.

Slim… He needs to be in the monsters face.


I’m confused, Slim was mediocre when Stage 2 came out, he got buffed and now people are saying he’s borderline OP? What exactly do people propose to make him balanced?


Most competitive level slims rock dual CCD.

Sure slim CAN maybe possibly might get a heal burst with 2 shots. If every, single, pellet, lands.

But he probably wont- Miss just 1 or 2 pellets, no healing burst.

Double CCD ensures that with even just a little bit of accuracy, you will constantly kick out 2 shot heal bursts. This is powerful on slim. Theres a huge difference in slims who get 3-4 heal bursts consistently per magazine, versus one who gets 2 maybe 3.


I kinda found that CCD is good against Kraken players.


I change it up a lot. But it really depends on the monster I think.
I usually roll with full capacity as my go to because it gives you a lot more flexibility if you miss a shot to refill your healing burst. I feel like this works best when you are playing against a large monster though.
For playing against the quicker/smaller monsters who are much harder to hit I try and pick full cooldown, because then regardless of if you’re landing hits or not. You know you will have heal bursts available quickly.
Then just a different set I use pretty often as just a basic utility set is double defense. This makes you have to focus on landing your leech gun hits but it is easier because you know that if you are targeted you can take quite a bit more damage and use your jetpack to escape danger.
I feel like with a good monster they are generally going to either target support or medic first and I feel like having the double defense as a perk makes it much harder for me to go down that usual.
Try it out and let me know if you like that style. I feel it really adds to the combat medic style that slim is.


I have always been told that Full DR is good for any medic. I like to use DR on rouge val so i don’t have to use my heal burst so much and for EMET to make him more tanky if im near my healing buoys.


Yeah, Slim is OP unless the monster is Kraken.


Decrease his variance. On one end of things, he is extremely good when he can land shots on the monster and get many heal bursts out of it. On the other end, it can be rather easy to over fill your heal burst or not get enough shots in against monsters like kraken. The changes I would suggestion:

Either increase the amount healed by his heal burst and reduce the rate at which he gets heal bursts or give him multiple charges of heal burst, Either of those would make him less prone to overfilling his heal bursts. If they relatively reduced the rate at which his weapon recharges his heal burst. Then he wouldn’t need to hit as many shots and the difference between a bad slim or a bad match up with slim and a good slim, would be reduced.

So something like: Slim can store 3 charges of heal bursts, the heal burst recharge time gets reduced to 8 seconds, and the recharge given by each bullet being reduced to like .40 from 1. He wouldn’t recharge his heal bursts as fast, but he would start with more at the beginning of a fight, wouldn’t overcharge his healing bursts nearly as much, and time passing would account for 50% more of his healburst energy.