Best perk for Caira (poll)


What is the best perk for Caira?

  • Reload Speed
  • Capacity
  • Damage Resistance
  • Quick Switch
  • Jump Height
  • Jetpack Recharge
  • Other

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Reload if you’re confident in your support, movement if you’re not.


I take movement if I think my team can handle themselves, and reload if they need the extra help. I’d take capacity if it still gave her two grenades, though.


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Reload for sure, unless Hank or Sunny thought a reaver corpse 250 meters away looked funny, in which case movement would be better


Caira IS my perk


Quick Switch. She can switch between her grenade launchers faster.


Reload Speed, It helps the cooldown of AF as well to use it more during the match which helps on the chase and during combat of course. It has to be the best perk for her.
Not that I play Caira :stuck_out_tongue:
######Slim is better!


I like reload if I ever do play as Caira. I used to like Capacity, but I’ve shifted gradually.[quote=“SnakeSound222, post:7, topic:82729, full:true”]
Quick Switch. She can switch between her grenade launchers faster.

… except, napalms kind of suck.[quote=“Mr_WiZardGod, post:8, topic:82729”]
Slim is better!

^This^ :smiley_cat:


Capacity - reload

Jetpack recharge - movement


Reload allows caira to send out more healing nades vs Capacity over a minute- But only just.

She can get out about 44 nades in a minute with reload, or about 40 with capacity.

Capacity means she can “burst” back a bit more IMMEDIATE damage- getting back 625 hp faster than caira can- who will cap at 500 before needing to reload

BUT if youre using capacity caira, and have to empty just TWO full magazines at someone- Reload will be BETTER.

With capacity, it will take you 12 seconds to get 10 nades on someone. With reload it ALSO takes you 12 seconds to get 10 nades on someone- BUT since youre working on multiples of 4, not 5, youll have 2 more grenades to go, while capacity caira has to reload.

With reload you also get more speed boosts.

Reload is better within nearly all practical contexts of this game.