Best music to use for monster music video/ trailer ish?


So the question is very easy :slight_smile: i am looking for some music i can use in a montage / music video / trailer ish video about the monster.

Already have some ‘great’ xD responses in the big alpha thread :smile:

Thx - rctboy95



here is my joke response, I will think of a real one too :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d say either this:

or this:

and if you like rock and roll bagpipes:


I like the second one a lot :slight_smile: my favourite atm to use.


well, if it is a montage of monsters thrashing hunters you could use this…

this song is good too…

or if you want something more subdued…


Lots of good ideas :slight_smile: i can always combine diffrent style of musics / artists not 100% sure on how i am going to do it.


I did a montage to Alien: Isolation with all of my deaths at the hands of the Alien. It was done to the tune Bad Romance by Lady Gaga haha


Definitely agree with the skillet one @Takran, i was about to post that until i saw you did.

but for the sake of posting i’d say this is a great one.
Megaherz 5 März

or, Blue Stahli - ULTRAnumb


I am maybe going to use this (royalty free music) just imagine the monster fights and stuff :slight_smile:


(George carlin voice) “Youre doin it all wrong!!”

When playing the big strong buff brute, the only appropriate song should be as follows…


As the wyvern kraken thingy, as you fly around raining death from above…


Monster by Skillet is an awesome song. Music video’s pretty bad a as well