Best monster perk

Anyone find the best perk? It varies a lot but from what I hear from esl monsters damage bonus is the go to one, what do yall run and with what monster?

I usually use Movement Speed, Ability Cooldown, or Eating Speed if it’s Hunt. Damage Bonus is usually what I use in Defend or Arena, though.

At the moment Kraken + Stamina recharge you never have to hit the floor you can fly so long and far.

In general, damage bonus. But it depends on the monster and situation.

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Movement speed is pretty strong on all of them. It’s a nice universal one. But you can’t get so dependent on it that you HAVE to use it because you forgot how slow the monster could be.

I go with damage, cool down or occasionally damage resistance but I don’t think that one is as beneficial.

I always… always take damage… Unless I’m playing Behemoth on Broken hill foundry because faster climb speed on that map is so much fun!

In general movespeed, damage bonus, cooldown, traversals, and speed feeding are generally great picks for any monster.

But movespeed is stronger on behemoth, traversal on kraken, etc. In fact now that monster melee damage has been buffed, damage is a great buff if youre trying for a s1 down.