Best moments captured in video/screenshots


There are a lot of moments that are just amazing to me, and I thought “I wonder what moments other people have captured?”

So, here is a place where you can share with the community videos or screenshots of your favourite moments in Evolve.

Here are two of my own:

1) Rock-throwing a dropshipping hunter into a tyrant.

2) So, after a one-sided game against a Goliath, it came to stage 3 at the relay. We weren’t optimistic. However, soon we realized, we might be able to pull it off. Unfortunately I couldn’t capture the previous 6-7 times the Goliath fell into this hole, or the dozen or so times he tried to climb/jump out, only to be forced down by my harpoons, however here is the small clip that I did manage to capture.

Needless to say, I try to record my games often now, incase something like this happens. So, what gems do the community have? Please share :smiley:


Me and Hank had a bone to pick.



I had my first ever draw recently too! I swear I should have won it, but who can say for sure… Either way it was an amazing match :smile: