Best Medic with Offensive supports


I was interested in people’s opinions on which medics have best synergy with Cabot/Bucket/Kala. I know they may differ so multiple options are welcome.


a good pair of medics are slim or EMET


In my opinion, real offensive hunters are Val/Sunny/Griffin.
Who can chase the monster all the way from one arena to another.


well, my opinions are for bucket/kala/cabot


I like Slim, Laz, and Emet. They’re AOE healers so it makes keeping people alive a lot easier.


With offensive he means no shields. I think


Lazarus is best in my opinion and I don’t consider Kala as offensive or defensive but instead a whole new category, a passive support. That’s just me though :stuck_out_tongue:


I take Val or Laz with offensive supports. I don’t like Slim without any shields I don’t feel he has enough self heal without a Hank or Sunny.


In my opinion you should go laz but then again it is useless against a monster that knows what he does but If you are going area you can go slim or E.M.E.T. but it can be bad if the monster focus’s you


Broken hill mine is great with Slim+Bucket.

I’d say with those supports Laz is a good option as he’s your safety net if shit hit’s the fan!


With supports like bucket and Cabot my team uses laz. Without shields from the support the medic has to be able to have a lot of self sustainability and laz is the medic with the right kit. Even with his cloak he is vulnerable against higher silvers and gold so whoever is playing him has to be able to dodge and kite the monster. Giving up the extra protection is worth the extra damage as you are forcing the monster to play carefully because one slip up results in tons of health being melted in the matter of seconds. My team usually runs cabot with laz and it is deadly, but having high rewards has high risks, if laz goes down the team has to be able to punish the monster severely before he outright dies. With all these krakens running loose I think the Cabot/laz combo works best to shut them down.


Laz works very well with bucket because the weak spots from his rifle help buckets sentries. The only other medic I could think would work with bucket in his current state would be a Val/bucket/Abe comp.

RVal is probably the best with Cabot, although personally I like caira/Cabot more than RVal/Cabot. Laz/Cabot can also work if the monster doesn’t know how to deal with Laz.

Kala is just complete trash IMO, so idk about her.


Lazarus, all the way.


Laz seems to be a popular one.


Im quite fond of Laz with offensive supports (Bucket, Cabot, Kala)… But I think Slim is a good pick too (not good with Bucket thou)… I think all Medics in general are in a good place and can be used with just about any support…

Bucket is the exception, IMO I don’t think he pairs well with Caria, Val, Slim, or Emet


I like Rogue Val with an offensive support. Mainly Cabot. They keep on the pressure while the monster is being chased.