Best Kraken play I have ever seen!


This is the best Kraken play I have ever seen since he was revealed! AMAZING


That is the worst hunter play I have seen since the beginning… er wait sadly it probably isn’t. :confused:


Oh man, I am sooo sorry that is the best Kraken you have seen. After the alpha is over I will show you how a real monster is played. I got a stage one win with three points in banshee mines


It’s not that the Kraken is good, the hunters are just really, really bad…


It’s most likely shameless self plugging -.-


This explains it.


Here it is guys! Enjoy!


Dam they were bad lol. That kiting tho


that’s not even the best play I’ve personally made as the Kraken, I am so sorry you’ve seen nothing but worse than that : (


Whoop goliath op! Just won in 4:40!!! Maxed charge but snuck like a ninja and beatm stage 1 god dammit I need to record these matches lol


Yeah I just played my first match with Goliath! Won a stage 2 :stuck_out_tongue: I will post my gameplay after the alpha


What software are people using to record? I feel like I should contribute some skilled monster play footage. I just had this incredible match vs a group of coordinated hunters on The Dam. They were dropping mines and harpoons like crazy especially when their weapons were cooling down or reloading. I had to work hard as Goliath because they were always on my butt and fell for only half of my misdirection attempts. I know they were working their asses off too. I nearly had them, but retreated due to low health. When I came back to the relay I should have camped their incapped bodies instead of ground pounding or rock throwing at revive attempts. I had the relay 80% damaged and multiple strikes on hunters, but couldn’t seal the deal. I was blown away – my first skill-based loss of this alpha test. We had 6 different fights in that match and it lasted way longer than normal. The reason I say skill was that I’ve had a pair of Goliath losses due to glitches.

I did play Kraken on Fusion Plant and wipe the floor with them in the next game though! Wasn’t about to repeat my mistake from the previous match. I know it sucks to be beat on as an incapped hunter, but I had to do it to prevent a repeat!

Enough rambling. What software should I use? Would anyone actually watch streaming from me? I’ve never done it for games – only art.


I’m on PS4 so I just use the recording software that comes with it :smile:


At the moment playig monster is really really easy, and in all honesty I consider this post a troll post. I’ve purposedly gotten trapped at stage 1 several times. So far I have 100% wins with it. The hunter health is way to low compared to the monsters damage. I’ve played with 3 points in leap, 3 points in rock, 3 points in charge, 3 points in flame breath. Or the normal 1,1,1 won them all without much of a problem. Jetpack fuel is the main culprit, the damage abilites are on way shorter cd’s then the fuel recharging.

And don’t even get me started on kraken, it’s borderline Op. You pretty much can’t miss, or if you do. NP you can do it again in a second. Or banshee mines, sure the hunters can kill them. But if all they wanna do is kill mines, the kraken will lose 0 hp and never go down, Mix in a vortex or whatever and the hunters got no chance in hell, unless your doing big mistakes.

Hunters really need more jetpack fuel, and recharge. And a bit more health, cause when you can almost 3 shot the whole team in one go, it’s a bit silly.

That said I have a very positive win ratio with hunters. Im rank 24 atm and unlocked all classes. This is on PC.


Ha. ‘Best Kraken’, right. Hilarious. If anything this shows how horridly overpowered Kraken is. Those two hunters went down before they could even react. Kraken is so getting a nerf after the Alpha, I can feel it, most of the playerbase knows it and people are just whoring the monster out so they can feel big and strong before they get their toy taken away.


Not really haha. I garruntee if the hunter players were better it would have been an even fight. There was no shielding or healing so that’s why they went down so quickly. It has nothing to do with this “OP” theory. The dev team have balanced the game so that it’s a 50/50 win/loss scenario most matches. It’s all about skill, not about being “OP”.


"dev team have balanced’

Amusing. Why do you think we’re testing that for them right now then? If they had balanced it this would ONLY be about bugs, but there’s tons of threads/posts (in which the dev’s start or comment) in regards to balancing.

The vast majority of the playerbase believe that Kraken is OP. He really is. A half-competent Kraken can decimate a hunter team, good or bad. He plays on HIS terms and never on the hunter’s terms.


No need to get defensive here :slight_smile: A couple of months back one of the devs gave us the win/loss ratio for Goliath, Kraken and the third monster, although that may have been changed now.


I wasn’t. It was literally amusing to me. Sorry if it came off as insulting or defensive, just that browsing the forums for a few seconds shows how the public opinion is turning against Kraken due to a few underwhelming game mechanics. As many people have suggested I do think that the biggest change that could affect a lot would be more jetpack fuel, faster recharge for hunters.

Also feel that CC needs to affect abilities. Tranq needs to prevent flying/leaping and Harpoons need to be better. None of this ‘swing around, knock four harpoons off you and keep flying’ bogus stuff. Didn’t get how the monster can do that considering it looks like to me (IMO) that the Harpoon mines attach via energy and not physical cables.

Just my two cents. The game is CLOSE to balanced but … some obvious weak points.


As I mention in my feedback thread. If you want to as the Kraken, you can win every game at stage one my fastest was 28 seconds, my slowest was 1minute 10seconds.

Banshee Mines + Damage Perk, spread 5 out where they land, slightly to the right so the medic ideally takes two or three of them himself.

Climb the high ground, there is ALWAYS a high ground point near you, then just take off at max hight and continue to spam mines and left click at the healer. Game is over & won did this enough to highlight it needs fixing imho.