Best juke NA


LOL <-------

Does anyone else have funny juke videos?

Heres another funny video


Seen better, but that was certainly highlight-reel worthy :smiley_cat:


So one’s a juke in a storm, where the hunters are blinded.
The other is you getting to almost no health, and getting killed by Crow?

Not sure where the humour/best juke is. But, okay?
I suppose if you’re happy with them. ^.^


Does the NA stand for Not Applicable?


I love how you pull off an awesome juke and then you get birds on the first thing you eat xD shows how dumb the bird rng is.


70fov at its finest


First juke is ruined by stopping sneaking at the end. They’ll be right back on your tail now :stuck_out_tongue:
Pretty awesomely done tho


Why so serious? He’s saying best juke jokingly. I would be laughing too if I strolled past three hunters xD


I would smile too. But I wouldn’t make a thread, and say I made the best juke ever. ^.-
Guess that’s just me though? ~shrugs~
Like I said, as long as he enjoys it. ^.^


You seem like a very literal person Shin xD Would you find a Sheldon comparison unflattering? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve been compared to him before. Doesn’t bother me either way.


Aww well Sheldon is my favourite character in that show.


I still think it was an awesomely done juke. (Top one)


It was well executed, but he had map effects to his advantage. Kind of makes it less of a surprise, and cuts back the skill required to do such a thing.


dat juke