Best hunter idea since og kushmane


Bucket Assault

Name Bucket 2.0

Ability 1 Sentrys with rockets og kush

Ability 2 Automatic gating gun og kush

Ability 3 takes a hit of da blunt the size of king kongs fingers and time slows and has increased og skills

Ability 4 personal shields boring af

cant talk about heroin but i can talk about guess what og kush


I’m posting this cause I have no idea what I just read.


og kushmane biddih fuq with me

spelt it with a q so the police wont shoot me again like hater they is


Next time keep your hands up then.


naw brah i shoot back at all my haters


Looks like the medic did a great job on keeping you up. Did your brah provide yah support?



nah brah og kushmane backed me up good





Word brah, mofos be fam. Num eye sayin?


luh u papi


The sad part about this is that he talks like this on XBox Live too.

Also, even though this is a… “Suggestion”, I’m going to throw this into “Off Topic”, because it’s so pointless and idiotic that I think I got brain damage from reading this.


You are joking…


He talks like this on XBL? i might add him then purely for entertainment reasons.


I need to get a XBox.


When I play with him, he doesn’t. Must be trying to get on your nerves? Which is sorta sad in the first place, but still, it seems to be working.


Imagine this in a white Alabama accent; "Bruh, Bucket is so trash. His drones don’t got shiznit on my Goliath, BOIIIIII. OG 420 swagga’!


Well when he continuously calls me the N-Word, says that I’m a “feg”, and then spams me with “Let’s Play Evolve” messages, I get a tad but upset.


I admit, he does talk with a southern accent and use gangsta words, but it’s not that bad.


Makes sense, he spams me with let’s play evolve as well.