Best hunter comp/meta discussion :)


I thought I would start this topic to discuss team comps and who people think are the best hunters and why ? Note this is not a place to bitch about balance as I think the game is :blush: Any way I think the best team comp is Markov on assault Abe on trapper hank on support Val on medic my reasoning behind this is Markov seems to be a necessary pick vs wraith as she has so much trouble with static D aka the mines and even if it is not the wraith they allow for a lot of zoning and they allow team mates a place to retreat if they are being focused. Abe on trapper because you need him to keep on the wraiths tail and his grenades allow you to knock a kraken from the sky I think and are good vs Goliath so a pretty safe pick. I was a bit torn for support but I think hank as he can zone with artillery, protect with shield and do damage with the cutter. For Medic I will have to say Val while Laz can be effective in the long run it reduces the efficiency of the trapper as his dome drops as he does and Caira while she can multi heal vs the monster the team should be spread enough to dodge AOE that her heals are not as efficient and I find I always have to reload when healing is needed most. So my main reason for Val is she can heal most consistently at a long distance to stay safe :blush: her tranquilizers provide tracking and a lot of CC in a fight and she can also add weak points. So what do you all think the best team is and why? :blush:


I think it really depends what you’re going for.

Caira, Markov, Bucket and Abe is a very solid late game build that excels in turtling up.

Val, Maggie, Hank and Hyde are great for limiting a monsters mobility.

Caira, Maggie, Cabot and Parnell are make for a great rush build.

Laz, Griffin, Hank and Hyde make for a great skirmishing team.

Those are just a few compositions I think are pretty compatible.


Well I mainly play trapper so here are my thoughts on them
Pros : Daisy is great against any monster not even the sneakyest monster can hide from daisy but she only move as fast as you do so Movement Speed or Jetpack Recharge are reccommend. Also Daisy is the fifth teammate in your team so she can get you back up from a losing game too. Maggie can place harpoon trap is good for defending your teammate in dome or any places. She can use it to runaway from the monster too by keep placing them behind and run. If you out of ammo for the SMG try Switching to harpoon trap before the reload animation, You can place two more traps and then switch back. This allow you to deal damage and keep annoying the monster.
Pros : Is very good in Hunt mode. If he see the monster he can harpoon it to slow it down for the team and then dome it. and after the dome is down he can still keep up with it till the next dome drop. His sound spikes are very useful if placed correctly.
Cons : His sound spikes are useless against sneaky monster player. If the monster turn to him there is nothing to stop it except his teammate. He’s only good for hunt mode though.
Pros : Abe static grande is the beast. It is very easy to use and slow everything in its radius. The radius is great and you have five of them to cover the objective or the dome. His tracking dart is the best way to keep pressure on the monster because of the long duration(You can keep shooting the monster and you will know where he is for the entire match!) and always use it on any wild life . He’s good for every mode.
Cons : No Daisy No sound spike. You are on your own skill to track down a monster and a little bit of luck on the tracking dart of cause.

Sorry for my bad English!


Your English seems good to me :blush: my main reason for picking Abe over the others is because when you don’t know what monster you are against and due to the fact you need him vs wraith to stay on her he is safest pick. But I think the trappers are very well designed that all can work if played well :blush: tbf I love how every one seems to have viability unlike other games where characters can be redundant it goes to show they have a good design team :blush:


Yes I think Abe is the best against Wraith too because other harpoons are useless against her Supernova. But still my favorite is Griffin and I made sure he is the first one to get the Elite skin!


I don’t think there’s a “best” setup. It all depends on the situation and that’s why I love Evolve. Meta takes the fun away from games, especially if you want to try something unconventional and everyone is “noob,meta plays differently” it sucks and I hate it and am glad it just can’t happen in Evolve.


There are definitely "best’ setups depending on what you’re planning on doing and if you have knowledge of what the enemies monster has been picking. Granted counter picking in this game is difficult because it doesn’t really exist and you’re just trying to blind counter.


I want to try out this team with a proper group, just to see how much burst damage you can do
Parnell, quick switch perk. Highest burst damage assualt and quick switch ensures he keeps on shooting without stopping
Abe, quick reload. This lets him keep spamming those stasis grenades so parnell can get the most out of his super soldier
Cabot. Capacity increase. timing the damage amp with the super soldier, capacity increase means more damage amp time
Val. Quick switch. The only medic that can put a weakpoint on the monster, and actively heal parnell so he isn’t downed. Quick switch lets her put a weakspot (maybe tranq), then go back to healing parnell


If you’re using quick switch on parnell you’re doing it wrong. You should be taking the decreased reload/skill timers. He benefits from it more than any other character in the game.