Best healer atm?

Gunslinger I think would also be useful for Emet… since I’d have to be prepared for the snap decision of switching kit.

The Respawn Beacon… I’ve had experience with something similar in BF3… and my plan was usually to drop it proactively “just outside conflict zones or in a room or back alley that enemies are prone to run past.”

Of course in BF3 you can throwdown a Beacon whenever you wanted. I think Emet’s Beacon has special rules? Someone has to be “Returned to Dropship”? I can’t use it unless 2 guys have gone down or something?

Obviously the win strategy with the Beacon is to drop it OUTSIDE the Dome… but that would mean I have to drop it before entering a Dome or something… Thoughts on this?

How many Jump Perks do you need to be able to “jump over the height of a Monster unassisted”?

right now I’m thinking Tier 1 Gunslinger with Tiers 2 and 3 as Jump Perks.

Also can Healing Buoys revive a downed teammate if I plant one beside him and the Monster leaves him alone?

In the past, you could only place it once people died.

Currently, you can place it when someone goes down. (Great for getting the monster off the body. Just make sure you don’t put buoys next to the downed hunter so if they die, they make the respawn)

Next week, Brandon said you can play it anytime. I figure it will activate once someone dies or gets incapped.

I have gotten sneaky with my beacons, like putting them in spots that trick the monster, but this is a really good idea if Emet is outside of the dome before it deploys.

500% is a Blitz Leopard perk, but as far as I know you can’t go above 425% off of perks.

Take Bionic Legs, Cybernetic Legs, and Rocket King all maxed out to get the 425% increase.

Yes. The problem is that TRS toned down that healing amount in Stage 2. I believe next week will increase that amount a slight bit.

Usually, I naturally end up being the 2nd or 3rd man in if a Dome is called a bit early (yeah… Pubs…). Which means I will probably be planting the Beacon just before stepping into Dome (cunning! :stuck_out_tongue: ).

This means that anybody respawning should be able to choose between jumping back into a Dome (if it’s still up) or beating a strategic retreat.

Yeah… I’m definitely starting to see Emet’s current (and upcoming) merits. :slight_smile:

I noticed you didn’t include Gunslinger as one of your Perks… Is it really not needed? I was thinking that on a number of occasions I’d have to quick swap to Replay Cannon to defend myself or something.

No. Anytime I go Emet or Val I go full mitigation perks.

A CD isn’t needed unless there is a huge CD time in the first place. Most of those Minor perks do nothing anyways, so I use them to stack with others.

Interesting. What about the Mobility/Running Speed Perks? Or are those overshadowed by being able to Jump 425% higher?

It says here:

(albeit old Legacy Evolve article)… that 200% Jump Height is enough to jump over a Monster.

What do you think about maybe running Emet with Maxed out Tier-2 Jump Height (“Cybernetic Implants”) for 200% jump and then the Running Speed Perks in Tier-1 and Tier-3 (10% and 20% faster Movement Speed)?

Always the vertical mobility. Monsters have traversals to catch up with you, so there is no point in outrunning them. It’s all about out-mitigating them.

I recently updated the Gamepedia Wiki for Evolve, and there is the best way to get info on perks:

The mobility perks back in Legacy made a huge difference, and thus they were fine. Currently in stage 2, Minor speed perks is only 3%,4%,5% increase.

So currently the hunter movement speed is 5.2, and even the maxed out MS perk (+5%) will only get you a 0.26 increase. That’s 5.46, and is utterly useless.

I wouldn’t because you only get a 18%-ish increase in movement speed.

You’re only looking at 5.2 + 0.936 to get almost 6m/s and that is not a huge increase.

There is a reason why TRS nerfed movement speed, and so I would not rely on something that’s gotten nerfed.

Plus, there is a trick where if you use Jump Height on the edge of a cliff, you can get a horizontal boost, instead of vertical. That is great when you master it, like I have, and it beats any Movement speed perk.

Spoken like a true vet! :slight_smile:

Jump Height it is then. :slight_smile:

I think I have enough Silver Keys to get Emet… but I don’t have all these Perks just yet.
But I guess anything is better than sticking with Slim. :stuck_out_tongue:

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The MAJOR factor that makes me take Jump Height over any other perk (at least for Medic) is the fact that:

  • Jetpack Recharge is great for dodging, but not for when you get focused, and end up stuck in a corner.

  • Jetpack Efficiency is great for staying out if reach, but eventually your jetpack will run out.

  • Movement Speed is useless because the number is small and monsters have traversals to catch up to you.

  • Jump Height has no limit, can get you out of corners, evade focus, climb walls easier especially since all it takes is 1 melee from the monster to knock you off the wall, With practice can allow horizontal movement off cliffs, allows you to jump from cliff to cliff without jetpack (Even using the horizontal boost), and allows you to throw Buoys farther as Emet.

This is true! I’ve had those happen to me from time to time! :slight_smile:

Particularly during the “Grounder Perk scare” I became more observant about what was happening when cornered and I realized that whether Grounder was present or not, Jet Packs actually were not a way to save yourself if a Monster was crowding you or if you get cornered.

Also I don’t think there’s a strong debuff against the Jump Height Perks, right? considering I didn’t upgrade many of the Perks to Level 3, I also wasn’t feeling the benefit of the Movement Speed… but felt I couldn’t pass judgment on it without having Level 3 versions.

That said, I am definitely coming around to your way of thinking! :slight_smile:

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Depnds for me. Im rarely a hunter. When i do i usually pick some form of support.

My first instinct brings me laz. (Legacy laz)
Then i want to go emit.

These two circumvent the timers and if done right you could seriusly control the fight for the current game.

I hate bugs, so naturally Slim os great! (Legacy slim)

I’ve had some success with Laz. He’s also exciting, but more from the perspective of trying to keep yourself alive and using HB as much as you can.

Laz is really good in that sweet spot where you’re able to put Weak Spots on the Monster, avoid damage and change elevation with your team all within radius of HB.

If you can “lap” around an area of the Dome with your Life Bar rubberbanding back and your team is swarming the Monster…whilst constantly ingesting your airborne healing steroids… You are on your way to victory! :slight_smile:

Also the Cloak can be crappy. But I’m sure that maybe 1 time out of 3, the Cloak has saved my life. :stuck_out_tongue:

Tried Slim (even bought Slim! lol) but now I think Emet could be more my speed.

Part of me feels like if one can master the Jump Height Perk stack which @XplosionIncorporated talked about that it would also work for Slim (being able to jump over Monsters and from position to position should do wonders for keeping that Leech Gun LOS on a Monster… kind of like playing matador with it). But I dunno.

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Here … here… :slight_smile:

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So I got Emet for the first time. I think the 2.04 Patch doesn’t drop until a couple of hours from now?
(I couldn’t drop the Respawn Beacon unless someone died).

I also got Lvl3 Bionic Limbs, Lvl 1 Cybernetic Implants, and Lvl 1 Rocket King.

Basically though I spent possibly 80% of the time throwing out healing buoys and firing out HB. Nearly won the round too even if I didn’t get to do a lot of shooting with the Replay Cannon. I just was too anxious to revive the downed Hyde since the Kraken was down to one bar of life and I was like: “If I get Hyde up we win!!!” :stuck_out_tongue: In the end I died because I just got grazed by Lightning. Considering two of my Perks were at Lvl 1, an improvement there might have won the match. And in hindsight I probably could have dropped buoys in a triangle instead and just ran a few laps near Hyde firing HB to get him back up.

Oh well… ya learn something every day. :slight_smile:

Definitely more consistent I think than Lazarus, and maybe with the upcoming Healing Buff, Emet can be the “True Medic” of this game! :slight_smile: I also like that his gameplay style is far away from action and that there is less pressure to being everywhere at once, unlike in the case of Lazarus and Slim.

One thing I didn’t test though was: If I fire the Replay Cannon, do the other Missiles launch anyway even if I immediately switch to Healing Buoy, or does it Cancel?

I also momentarily tried the same three perks with Slim and I think it can work for Slim as well. :slight_smile:

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They launch.

Anyway, feel free to check videos I posted in my thread. Friend recorded them, but I was playing Emet, so you can check at least how did I place buoys.

Jumping in DooM? Spoiled.

Wow… no love for Lazarus…

RVAL is useless without defensive support

So i would say Val

What are you even saying… It’s Val who is useless without a defensive support. All you have to do is focus Val and she’s dead meat.

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Yeah but with RVAL if the monster focuses a single hunter you cant even match the damage.He is sure to die unless he is constantly shielded to give you some time for the healing

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Lots of love for Lazarus~!