Best Game is Evolve


Make the most fun. If all ,big, bugs are fixed it is perfext in future. Great Work.


A near perfect game with an almost non existent PC population :frowning: makes me sad.


We have to bring the population on this game if we love it !
I DO !
i sold a lot of evolve game on xbox pushing my friends to play and have this great XP i had on the game.


If i was the king of the world i would force everyone to play this game (death penalty if they refuse).



My friend said he didn’t want to play running simulator he’s to much of a cod fan-boy… I fear for his health.


The running simulator isn’t that bad anymore with Sunny. And the new and improved movement-speed perk does it’s job nicely as well. Most people who stopped playing either didn’t like it or didn’t really give it a chance. One of my friends played this game till level 17 and enjoyed it very much. One day he stopped playing, never touched the game again.


My friend just didn’t like it :confused:


I think people are just fed up with the plenitude of bugs and balance issues.


He probably watched the angry Joe review, my friend said that too


So many bad reviews. DLC controversy. People who demand a single player campaign. Nobody realizes how amazing this game is.


Its an amazing game…usually…Idk, I suppose I’m just getting tired


Oh jeah is the greatest game, how to play make the most fun. Not like call of duty shit or fifa ever the same boring shit.


people can’t handle thinking when playing video games lol. I love the game, its the only game that could get me unstuck from L4D2. i bought my xbox one in anticipation for this game and MKX, but i’ve stopped playing MKX


I love the game, but going online with it is kind’ve a nightmare sometimes. Several patches in and the network still is prone to lag and random bugs that make no sense.


No my friend actually bought the game and sold it a week later…


Different strokes for different folks. The game is really fun for me, especially when I drag a forum member or two in the match… All hell breaks loose. :smile:


It’s okay, YGB. You still have Bio!

You ALL still have Bio! O.o

I have a friend like that, too. I just tell him every time he says it, “It’s only as much a running simulator as you allow it to be.” then turn on my broadcasting so he can watch some REAL Trapper action! (I think I’ve at least convinced him to pick it up once it goes on sale for the first time. Baby steps!)

So they can play it once then never touch it again, if they finish it at all, right? :smiley:
The logic behind some of their reasons is pretty /facepalm-worthy, eh?

Aye, agreed. I just don’t like it when other folks tell me that my strokes aren’t as good as theirs, while utterly misinformed about my strokes.

Er… that sounded a bit dirty. O.o


Let’s go down the list, shall we:
Reviews - basically every bad review is the same as the last but with a few changes.
DLC - Yes, DLC total is like $200+, but 80% of it is skins. (Why you buy skins?)
Single Player Campaign - Custom Game, Select Game Mode, Wow Evacuation.
Low PC Population - The only downside of this game is its horrid system requirements.


Are the system requirements for PC extreme?