Best game I have played in a,very long time


I just wanted to shout out Evolve is one of the best games I have ever played. Everyone at turtle rock you have done an,amazing job and made an amazing game. My friends and I love it and really hope you put out more content for it. Anyone feel free to add me on xbx1

The mo bizkitz


It is a very good game. However, honest question. Do you feel that the replay value will be just as good a couple months down the road?


I feel once I unlock more characters the replay value will increase. Once i have more friends on this game, the replay value will increase. Games like cod and battlefield… You do a lot of the same over and over, but i still love playing… Evolve is new. As of right now most hunts are just following daisy. Once more people understand dif monsters and hunters there will be a lot of fun combinations… Even if replay value is low and this is a game some would only dabble in from time to time… That dabble will be a blast. The intensity is great. I feel like im in jerassic park hunting down a t rex


fuck yeah ppl are playing dust 2 only for like 15 years now


Must be blind?