Best Free Antivirus and PC Optimizer/Cleaner?


I’ve had my new PC for a while but I haven’t gotten any software for optimization or protection, what are the best free ones out there that y’all recommend?

Which PC is a Better Choice?

I like malawarebytes
There’s a free and paid version


Ninja’d lol, I was just about to suggest that.




Agreed, I bought MalwareBytes forever ago when they just started and I have never had an issue since. It’s awesome.


Well, you know… Either your antivirus detects everything or it doesnt detect anything :stuck_out_tongue:


I said I never had an issue, not that it never found anything. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My family is obssessed with computer security and antivirus. I run the following free programs:

AVG Free - good active protection with the ability to scan for rootkits and self update/scan
Malwarebytes free - you have to update and run it yourself, but it detects a lot of nasty stuff most free programs miss
Spywareblaster - A passive shield that prevents known sources of spyware and malware from downloading to your system
Malwarebytes antiexploit - just like spywareblaster, but covers some of the things it can miss
CCleaner - great little program that removes temporary files. Makes the computer run faster and deletes some viruses before they can even take root.

I used to also run the old Spybot Search and Destroy, but it is not compatible with the most recent windows 10 update.


Ooo I love Spy Bot Search & Destroy, I use it when I’m trying to be very thorough.


I really like Malwarebytes, always picking things up. Though it seems to be a little obsessed with my skype and blocking IP’s from it, which can be a bit annoying but I can’t be bothered to change it in the settings. But yeah.
Malwarebytes gud.


I used to recommend this to a lot of people for a long time. It’s fairly up to date, non intrusive and gets a good amount of things as it’s constantly updated on the back end.


For anti-virus, I use Avast!

My malware fighter, booster, systemcare, defragger, and uninstaller are all from IObit


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