Best forum I've ever seen


The devs communicate with everyone, moderators are nice, friendly, and fair, and the reputation system is well set up.
Plus, I thought I’d never find a place to discuss Evolve that wasn’t a complete nightmare, (I’m looking at you Steam) most people here seem a lot more mature than your average forum member.

I suppose this thread doesn’t have much value as a discussion, but I thought I might as well post a positive thread in support of TRS as my very first post here. After all, they need all the support they can get with the firestorm this game has stirred up :unamused:



Are you fucking kidding me?!?

When did you come to the party?


Finally, someone from Steam… and I know em too! :grin:

EDIT: I am totally going to need to get used to how this forum works though, way too used to steam.



Welcome to the forums man! it really is the best forums I have ever been apart of.


Thanks guys! Was really depressed when I saw the steam forums for this game… and then I thought, why not check out the real ones? Glad I did :smile:


It’s the only safe place for us all till the storm is over lol,
You’ll get your average troll on here but we unite to terminate them off for good :laughing:


Yeah, I’ve seen that while I was prowling the forums before signing up, you guys do good work :laughing:


Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:
Allways nice to see new people who aren’t here just to complain about what is OP etc.


Yeah, I wish people would wait a bit to do that, this game seems a bit too complex to be complaining about things like that straight outta release.


Do yourself some good and play around with your settings. Filtering out new topics from the ‘Report Bugs’ catagory helps sort trough things faster, it’s about 100-150 less topics per night to care about, and they’re mostly the same thing over and over anyways.

Also, as to officially greet you, welcome aboard! Glad you like this place :wink:


Best Forum? Really? With all the: “this is OP!” and “how to fix this and that!” and “they are all cheating!” and “Wraith no fun!” and and and…

But etiquette is commendable i´ll give you that.


A kitten’s mewing compared to Steam forums, or hell, even other game’s forums.

You been over to WoW’s Forum in the last 8 years? Bleh! So toxic you can actually taste it! (Though what else is new?)

These forums really are the best I’ve ever seen for a video game. The OP threads may be plenty, and you get the occasional try-hard troll, but you can’t be 100% free of them, now can you? :smiley:


Yep, there’s no way to escape that stuff, but this forum is so friendly and well mannered I almost think I’m not on the internet anymore :grin:


Last time I checked a forum where memes and “funny reaction gifs” everywhere isn’t very mature and imo rather childish.

Memes aren’t funny.


It’s a very pleasant forum to browse for sure. Except with that Delsai guy. That guy is such a jerk.

Anyhow, enjoy your stay! :smiley:


Yeah this forum is awesome, I can spend hours here.