Best exchanges you've had with opponents?


My team played a Wraith match that lasted 21 minutes. The guy was playing sky Wraith the entire time and not attacking, so we had to whittle away at his health little by little. After many domes, he finally stands still and lets us kill him.

Me: Why did you do that?
Him: I work and go to school. I’m not as good as you guys.
Me: So do I, but you should have at least fought.
Him: I’m good at school. Also, I’m high AF.
Me: Lmao. Alright, dude. GG.

Always weird when you expect your opponent to be a butthurt jerk, but they end up being alright.



had a match against a goliath as Torvald.we did lots of damage at stage one,but he escaped. I caught him evolving at stage two.after that he made a comeback and killed everyone except our trapper who waited for the dropship.we had a final fight at stage three with max strikes on the hunters. he comes in and instantly kills medic then trapper then I go down without triggering my shield in time. It came down to the monster with half a health bar and support with half health and a strike.I thought we had lost, he just had to connect with one ability or a sneak pounce to finish it. so of course Sunny just fires the gun twice and kills him easily.(anticlimactic)



Sunny wins!

Flawless. Victory.

W/L: ∞/0



Sunny OP pls nerf!



Sunny’s damage needs tweaked, other than that; she’s fine. -.-



I was kidding. I think she’s fine. In more ways than one. :yum:





Best exchange I had with an opponent … Mmmmh,

I sent a grenade to a goliath, he sent me a rock in return.

Very friendly, would trade again. 5/5

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Played behemoth got to stage 3 and killed all the hunters at the relay exept sunny support, she went invis and i started to aim and tounge grab and randomly hit her :grinning: and then proceed to kill her. When i got to the lobby they blamed me for cheating :fearful:. they where all premade btw.



Tongue grab Sunny, you say? Don’t mind if I do! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Dirty mind is dirty xD



I just played behemoth after the patch and I think he is almost perfectly balanced. the increased rock wall range and deploy speed allowed me to stay away from the hunters the entire game by blocking their path. they also gave him more health and armor. once the bugs and him taking too much damage are fixed he will be very even with the other monsters.



I’ve never had a nice exchange with an opponent because they never talk, not even a “gg”
I did get one guy playing wraith who snuck around the map and hiding whenever we domed him, he got to level 3 and won with 1 bar of health to spare. All we got from that guy was “easy” and left.
Whoever you were, curse you! [Shakes fist]