Best. Dropship conversation. Ever


@Matthew do you have the full transcript for this? It was one of THE funniest dropship dialogues I have EVER heard xD

@Matthew for the transcript!


Dude, without matt, evolve wouldn’t have been so funny. My hope for a new tier of hunters and monster isn’t because of new gameplay, it’s because i want more lore, more mysteries and fun dialogues :slight_smile:


Ha, wait until you hear some of the other dropship convos.

I’m particularly fond of one of the exchanges between Cabot and Hyde.


The one about melting faces? xD


Yup. The pep-talk involving melting faces. xP


I really like most of Cabot’s pep-talks, especially with Markov, Hyde is good too.


Hell, pretty much anything Hyde says is gold, imo.


I think one I never heard before yesterday which has become my Favorite is where Val talks about keeping “The Famous Old Hunter” alive. Then again I like almost everything about Val from her skills, weapons, looks, down to her lore as well.


Also another thing i hope is that new players will dive in the lore world of evolve like we did. My fear is that they won’t be fond of the lore because they didn’t live the hype 'n speculation period before any release. Ahhh the old times when we thought emet had a healing machete @Shaners


I like the one between Jack and Torvald, where Jack accuses him of being gay lol


And the cyberpants one? XD


Emet, by far, has the best lines in the game.

Some of the best ones are:

Emet and Torvald:

Emet and Sunny:

Emet and Jack:

Emet and Crow:

Emet and Hyde:

Emet and Parnell:

Emet and Bucket:

Emet and Cabot:

Emet and Jack #2:

Emet and Jack #3:

Emet in battle:



Oh geez, you made me laugh too loud.


What about crow and torvald humming the whole time and then crow says
"Nice talk"


Val is my bae.


If there’s one thing I really always love about the game, it’s the characters. I hope we get more characters and more interactions in the future.


“what’s wrong with my butt?”

“not a damn thing”


“I’m not crazy, Mr. Hallsey.”


Every time Crow says “Ok.”

The one where Abe told Laz he was seeing inside out Krakens having sex.

The one where Laz wondered when Abe slept.

A lot of Emet’s convos.

This one:
Torvald: "Hmph"
Crow: "Yeh"
Torvald: "Eh"
Crow: "iunno"
Torvald: "Mmmm"
Crow: snif
Torvald: “Good talk.”