"best" defensive trapper and assault


Hi all. so in my boredom I took it upon myself to throw together some different hunter team comps with specific goals in mind, and one particular aspect of a comp had me stumped.
For a hyper defensive core team i concluded the following :
Medic- Rogue Val
Support- Sunny
And this is where I started running into problems, i narrowed trappers down to Maggie and Jack. both have good utility and survivability in a fight, but both are good against different monsters.
Trapper-Maggie or Jack
All assaults are practically on the same pedestal when it comes to self defense because of the personal shield, so i tried narrowing it down to survivability, versatility, and how they compared to the rest of the squad. I narrowed it down to Hyde and Torvald
Assault- Hyde or Torvald
So i wanted to hear from the community, what do you guys think? is this a viable comp? which trapper and assault do you think? maybe it was someone i didn’t even mention. Also feel free to comment on the medic and support choice( although im pretty definite in my decision.) P.S. Also if someone could help me make a poll, i cant seem to figure out how to make one and i feel this post would benefit from one. Looking forward to seeing the responses.:smiley:


Best Defensive Assault

  • Parnell
  • Torvald
  • Lennox
  • Hyde
  • Markov
  • Blitz

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Best Defensive Trapper

  • Maggie
  • Mad Magx
  • Griffin
  • Abe
  • Crow
  • Jack

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Torvald over Markov and co as he discourages focus.


Define your preferred form of ‘defensive’.

Do you want a team that receives the least amount of damage possible from the Monster or a team that’s just really effective in a predetermined location?

If the former: Torvald+Griffin+Sunny+Val

If the latter: Markov+Maggie+Bucket+…EMET? Full deployable team.


a team that heavily mitigates damage, has the highest survivability rating against a monster, preferably in arena i guess.


Well, normal Val would be much more defensive.
She has more healing and slows the monster down. Rogue Val is kinda the opposite and more offensive.


rogue val has passive health regen, heals the entire team through medgun, can fully heal herself with the burst. she has much more survivability than normal val.


I would say Markov is the best defensive assault for the reason that if Hunters stay close to mines and one goes off (for example when a monster goes near), it literally shoots them away from the danger zone. Torvald would be a good second choice.

As for defensive trappers I might say Abe or Wasteland maggie is a more viable option than Jack. Sure Jack can use his force field, but Abe could keep throwing those statis grenades in Arena and keep the monster slowed (nothing more annoying than that).


yea im seeing alot of ppl saying markov for the same reason. i didnt really consider him because against range build gorgon, kraken, or decent goliath with fb the mines dont seem to be as good as they once were. also the rest of his kit doesnt really frighten or punish the monster


Mines detonating under you can tumble you allowing for a follow up attack you can’t dodge.

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True, plus there is the whole Kraken story that is harder to avoid and the most hateful to fight against.
I guess the best “defensive” assault would then be Torvald after all.


I would pick Markov as he has 2 pretty good ranged weapons for those Gorgon’s and Krakens, and mines for the Behemoth’s, Goliath’s, and other montero that get to close.


I wen’t Maggie for her traps, set them up away from you and it stops the Monster, but I can see Abe and his grenades doing well. As for Assault I went Hyde, both of his weapons are respectable against all the Monsters and no Monster is going to want to prance around in the toxic plume from his grenades very long. Also for Support, why not Hank? His shield keeps Hunters alive and his orbital even if it doesn’t hit tells the Monster to stay away, great way to keep a Monster from going after an incapped Hunter.


But youre talking about compositions. And Val brings far more to the entire team in terms of defense. Val has twice the range of Rogue, meaning she rarely has to waste jetpack because a hunter was tumbled out of her range. Her healburst heals multiple hunters and has a 12s cooldown, meaning she can put out a ton more healing than Rogue Val, very important for defense. She also has tranqs, which is huge because you can combine it with a harpoon trapper or jack for 2 types of CC.


Lazarus - Cabot - Abe - Parnell (just sayin’)


As monster I find it challenging against Parnell and mad mags


A close second. While hanks shielding is more reliable than Sunny’s, Sunny has the booster which is better for helping hunters evade than hanks orbital and her shield drone frees her up to be useful in other areas. Also since Val lacks any natural defense against being CC i find the shield+booster makes Val a lot scarier.


You have some good points, but personally as a monster main, I have never had a problem CCing down a Val, regardless of monster or hunter comp.
Also the range is rarely an issue, with Rogue Val everyone should be close enough to her to begin with (its the most effective place for Jack and Sunny.)


To be honest, Hyde, Lennox, and the Russians can all be used defensively.


For assault i’d say the best one at keeping a teammember alive would be markov or blitz markov, since the mines miiiiight be able to make a monster reconsider attacking someone, but the best one to punish a body camping monster would be lennox