Best comebacks ever :)


What are your best anecdotes of games that were turned around in the last seconds? I mean incredible comebacks, the kind that leave the losing side cursing and the winning side feeling incredible, like I am now :slight_smile:

I just played a game as Kraken. In Barracks. So they had a Cabot, Caira, Hyde and a Crow (who as expected, fell down early and hard). They found me at stage one, then I escaped and ate on the run to get to stage 2. Then we fought pretty hard in a dome, downed a couple but I was badly hurt. Again, I had to escape to evolve and regain health, which I did, but these guys were pretty good, so they stayed on my toes.

I managed to evolve but couldn’t fill my shield. At the end, I was down to my last two bars. Then down to one. It got pretty NASTY, but I took the fight to under the round platform and I managed to kill them one by one. When there was two left I had less than a bar. It was one of those ALL OR NOTHING moments.

So I went berserk and chased them, kept firing at them and not leaving them any room to act.

I managed to win the match with a quarter of bar. It was awesome :smile:

Community Stories - Closest you've come to defeat before coming back to win

Dropped into a Wraith bot right at the start of the match. Typical ultra-shitty loadout of a bot. Decided to actually play ball instead of suiciding, partly because I had gotten the Obsidian Beetle Bug (start game as invisible, tiny entity), and partly because of a whim. Shook hands with the hunters stage 1, managed to get a strike in exchange for rather more health than I would have liked. staged up to 2, improved the loadout. Managed to get two more strikes, but I traded more heaolth than was healthy. Then I got lucky. The decoy I sent to misdirect them instead hit the de-shielded assault hard, one of them was already low health from a warp blast… so instead of waiting for the medic to heal them up, I warp blasted in and got the assault and one other- down with a combination of war blast and several regular attacks. After than, it was GG. I was certain I was going to loose that one too.


Got dropped into a Kraken bot on stage 1, no armor, 2 bars of health, inside a dome. Had 1 in Vortex, 2 in Banshee Mines. Managed to down trapper, ran away, got a health regen buff, got to stage 2, killed assault, got to stage 3, fought at relay, won the game with only 3 bars of armor down and only 2 bars of health missing.

I maintain Kraken needs a nerfcannon.


Hahah, it sounds awesome, I love how the decoy changed the match around. Sounds amazing :smiley:

In my case, I took the punishment from killing one of them for good, and I was hit hard, but from then they gradually lost it. They underestimated me :wink: say hello to my barrage of attacks and low altitude chasing!


Stage 3.
2 bars of health.
Not my best match ;-;
Desperately trying to armor up
“Pls lemme eat, stahp shootin muh butt”
Finally say screw it.
Roll right through them.
Miracle happens.
Tyrant grabs assault, blitzleopards start attacking medic, hit trapper with fissure and instakill (lvl 3 fissure+2 strikes+Melee+35% damage buff)
Pounce support for the win.


Ohhhh! hahaha! I love it when wildlife punish the hunter for not paying attention! I’ve won a couple games like that, as with 2 hunters dying to a Tyrant or something like that. Respect wildlife, that’s what I say. Because monsters can use them against you.


I now call that Tyrant lars and refuse to kill him ever, hes too cool of a guy.


I respect all wildlife with killing potential, I see them as my buddies. Unless I need to eat them.


Poor elite tyrants, your death shall not be in vain ;-;


I screwed up then was able to make a comeback with behemoth. This was before they patched behemoths weakpoints and tarvolds damage.


Probably my best ever


my best comeback?

I raged at a medic and he and his friend were dickin around.

then i landed in a plant. they stood and watched.

they said " must suck to be so bad. how does it feel"

so i said, " hmm this is what it felt like to be between your mothers legs"

then i died. and quit.