Best Comeback Ever


I was playing some solo against Behemoth. I had the difficulty set to monster favoured, so even with the 4 times damage boost it was hard to do damage. The tyrants were looking out for me though :smile:


Thought process:

Tyrants? Plural?

watches a pile of tyrants surge around a behemoth like water
######Why are there so many?


“Damage Amplifier is ready!”


Maggie: “we’re the Monsters!! WE’RE THE MONSTERS!!!”

Tyrants: “uhm, actually noooo”


Wow. I have never seen them swarm a monster like that.


Woah that was crazy, great job. Man those tyrants were hungry .


I’d imagine so! I mean… Whoever built that place had a serious Dr. Evil Lair thing going, complete with Tyrant Pit. I would imagine before the Monsters showed up that they were probably fed at least now and again. That poor Behemoth was the first scrap of crunchy meat they’d had in who knows how long!

There used to be a few dozen Tyrants in there! :wink:


That was brutal.


Wow, that was crazy.

That’s how you use wildlife to your advantage. Good job. :smile:


Feeding frenzy!


“Let’s see how fast your health regens now, Behemoth!”


I love this video so much.

Question, why don’t we play together? We really should? GT Rapterror9


Not to take away from the awesomeness or anything but… bots.