Best Coasters You've Ridden


Show and tell time…what are your favorite all-time rides?

Top Thrill Dragster Cedar Point Ohio:

Millennium Force Cedar Point Ohio:

Goliath 6 Flags Great America:

Vertical Velocity 6 Flags Great America:

Superman 6 Flags Great America (The tilt in the beginning is you in the lying down on your belly position):

I feel the need to get on more coasters while I still can…I am hoping to get to Vegas for their top-of-building rides and also Orlando. I want to go on some of the more extreme ones. I know there is a coaster somewhere, I forget its name, where the seats turn in various directions on the track as you go so the ride is different every time.


I have never been on a rollercoster :cry:


You need to get on one! It’s amazing!



Mine has to go to The Voyage at Holiday World.


That’s no joke…you know what’s worse than the entry price? The food costs. You can easily spent up to $5 just for one Pepsi alone. However, that said, it’s actually more cost effective to go to a large theme park than to a home carnival…it ends up being more expensive for the rides for say Windy City Amusements. However, I am still a big fan of:

(If I won the lottery I would put this in my back yard, easily.)

(Still need to freak my son out on one of these)



I really want to go on these at vegas:


it wasn’t I don’t have enough to go to one :cry:


I’ve been on 1 rollercoaster.
It was terrible.


That’s a nice thing about Holiday World, drinks are free.


Looks like a fun one! Indiana huh…might have to do a stop-over since I’m in Illinois.
Most of the wooden coasters hurt so bad tho…

At King’s Island there is Beast, which is a 5 minute ride! And then there is Hades in the Dells which loops…pretty good but OUCH!

Hades was better than Beast or Son of Beast which also is a wooden looper.


I road those as well, but didn’t like them as much as The Voyage. The Voyage also doesn’t hurt and has two or three “90°” turns.


I totally read that like:


ive never either unless you count that one in dead rising1


Such a freakin adrenaline kick, I would go back to England just to ride this thing…


I don’t like heights.
And I don’t like high speed on a small little thing that could break/fall.
Combine them, It’s misery.


That edit though.

Really that good?


that edit tho


Ohohoh yes. Ends so quick but goddamn, way too good to pass up. I didn’t even know it was one of the worlds tallest Suspended Looping Coasters, either…


Everyone gets one shot, that’s it. Never happens again.


That one looks delicious!