Best Characters in each class?


Hello did play evolve since the start and then i did a short break before turning back :3 i mostly play those hunter

trapper : Maggie ,Abe
assault : Hyde (elite), Parnell (Elite)
medic : Lazarus , slim
support : Hank , Carbot (elite)

since i dont know all the latest patch im wondering if those Characters are still good or if i should think about playing some of the others


My opinion

Trapper: Jack, Griffin
Assault: Markov, Hyde
Medic: Val, Rogue Val
Support: Sunny, Hank

Sunny is getting a nerf soon though in the next TU



That’s it.


Haha why only him :stuck_out_tongue: ? is is rated as Easy so i thought he isnt that good :o his missles hurt tho ^^


Those ratings tell you how difficult it is to understand the character’s loadout. Not necessarily how hard it is to master them, or even be good at them.


In my opinion, from best to worst:

Assault: Hyde, Lennox, Torvald, Parnell, Blitz Markov, Markov.

Support: Hank, Bucket, Tech Sgt. Hank, Cabot, Sunny.

Trapper: Jack, Griffin, Maggie, Crow, Abe.

Medic: Rogue Val, Val, Slim, Caira, Lazarus, EMET.


My opinion, from best to worst.

Monster: Kraken, Gorgon, Wraith, Behemoth, Goliath, Meteor Goliath,

Medic: Val, Emet, Rogue Val, Lazarus, Caira, Slim

Support: Sunny, TSHank, Hank, Cabot, Bucket

Trapper: Jack, Abe, Crow, Griffin, Mad Magz, Maggie

Assault: Blitz Markov, Torvald, Lennox, Parnell, Hyde, Markov


You forgot Mad Magz!


I haven’t played as her yet, so I have no opinion on her yet.


Assault: Lennox, Torvald, Blitz Markov, Hyde,Parnell

Trapper: Mad Mags, Jack, Griffin, Crow, Abe

Medic: Caira (you’re welcome Moiser), Val, Slim, Laz, Emet, Rogue Val

Support: Sunny, Sunny, Sunny, and Sunny

I wont include TS Hank cuz i dislike him greatly


Monster- Kraken, Wraith.

Assault- Torvald, Markov.

Trapper- Jack, Griffin.

Support- Sunny, Hank.

Medic- Val, Caira.


Might as well join in and do my view on best to worst:

:monster: Kraken, Wraith, Gorgon or Behemoth, Goliath, Meteor Goliath
:assault: Markov, Torvald, Hyde, Lenny, Blitz Markov, Parnell
:support: Sunny, TS Hank, Hank, Bucket, Cabot
:trapper: Jack, Griffin, Crow, Mags, Abe (haven’t played Mad Mags yet)
:medic: Rogue Val, Val, Emet, Caira, Laz, Slim

Pretty much.
If anyone says anything other than Sunny as #1 at this point then they haven’t played much lately.

@TheUnrustled you forgot Caira and Parnell


Lol it was only a joke (…maybe) my actual would be

Support: Sunny, Hank, Bucket, Cabot


That, my good Sir, is DemonHunter(numbers). He plays Torvald. And… that’s about it. He likes Torvald… And… that’s about it. If you talk about Torvald nerfs, he will cry, if you talk about Torvald buffs he will say he doesn’t need them and if you suggest a Nuclear Torvald Variation he will declare that his Torvald is already Nuclear.


:trapper: Jack or Griffin.
:support: Sunny (until next TU) or Hank.
:assault: Markov or Hyde.
:medic: EMET MVP


Assault: Lennox, Blitz
Trapper: Crow, Jack
Medic: Val, Laz
Support: Cabot, Sunny
Monster: Kraken, Goliath


Lol “till next TU”


You like cabbage? I think Bucket Sprouts taste better


@The_Mastermind and I both love Cabot. He a lot more than me, but he’s my favorite Support to run.


Cabbage Patch is cool, I just lost interest in him ever since March 31st, 2015…