Best Bucket Match(es) Ever


Got into a PUG, not really expecting anything out of the ordinary to happen. I’m assault, go into the game as Torvald, and play it til it ends. Next match I get support, suddenly someone on the Mic asks me not to be Bucket. I twist in pain as I slowly click on Bucket, even though I knew that he wanted Sunny, but I wanted the predator skins more.

Playing against Behemoth, despite being random’s and not knowing each other, we come together like the freaking power rangers and absolutely dominate. Back in the lobby, the monster complements our team, shocked at how good we were. We play another game, and beat him again.

Wanting to practice against our team more he invites us to a custom match. We play a few more games, but I honestly feel that the monster was over exaggerating. I don’t realize how well this team worked together until the 2nd custom match I believe. Behemoth goes into a cave, me(Still Bucket), Trapper, and Medic hesitate, but Markov yolos and goes in the cave.

We are forced to follow, and shockingly we actually manage to win the fight. The cave was decently sized corridor, with a small area in the side with a pillar in the middle, creating two holes in the side of the corridor. Behemoth tries to attack us in the corridor, but is forced into the small area because Markov’s mines were littered in the corridor.

Unfortunately for him, that would be where my turrets were, that would proceed to melt him combined with Markov’s damage. Combined with some crazy jetpack management (Although some of us did end up getting downed and revived.) we managed to turn an area where Behemoth had an advantage into an area where we had the advantage.

The synergy with our team was simply amazing, despite the fact that we were all random’s and did not even communicate all that much. I was able to use Bucket efficiently, and was never being a liability to my teammates. We worked just as well as a team with Sunny or Hank.

It honestly left me feeling that Bucket WAS viable, despite what many say. Predicting where the monster would go and setting up a nest that he would run right into and have bars melted off was downright fun and effective. Perhaps it wouldn’t have worked against the other monsters, but in those matches Bucket really felt as viable as Hank or Cabot.


Bucket isn’t as bad as some people make out. :slight_smile: He’s not as viable against competitive Monster players, but in pubs he’ll do just fine. And honestly I prefer to run into the turret killzone as a Medic than to run into shields. Way better.


I like Bucket, though I tend to not be good at him. ^.-


As I’ve said before, Bucket is probably the least helpful support, but with the 15% damage increase his turrets power it can really melt away the monster’s health. I also like his missile launcher but that reload time. At one point Bucket used to be my favourite support because I liked his character and turrets, but after getting used to the game and realising that Hank’s shield or Cabot’s damage amplifier is a lot more helpful I stopped playing him, but after this weekend I’ll give him another shot.

Also thanks to Bucket I got the dreaded Cockroach achievement, got downed coming towards the end of the match yet still had 5 turrets out, took the monster out and bing achievement unlocked :smiley: I believe I did about 25,000 damage with the turrets that game.