Best.. Band Concert... Ever!


Last night, we combined our two Middle School bands, and it was the best concert yet. (Not to mention it was the last concert before High School) We played the following Songs :

^^ Best song of the concert :heart_eyes:

Lol, this wasn’t us (last video), but this is the music we played :

Just thought I’d share that with you, tell me what you thought of the song selection… and stuff! :kissing_heart:


Why would you not pick this version?


Wow. That’s… Interesting… @_@…


We played the Jurassic Park theme in a middle school honors band concert one year, was SOOOO good.

It’s bad that during the winter Olympics that year, Tonya Harding was skating to that theme for her long program, and even with the Nancy Kerrigan knee bashing scandal, I still wanted Tonya to win.