Best Assault?


Now, this took some time to think about. All of this is my opinion so don’t complain to me if you loose while playing my favorite assault. Now, the best assault in my opinion has to be Parnell. Now, beginners, stay away from Parnell. He is not for beginners at all. Parnell is a complete beast. He has some flaws but I will discuss them later. Now time for the rundown of his strengths.

Combat Shotgun: This gun does tremendous damage to any monster. Use it only for short range encounters. But it is decent in mid range battle. This gun combined with super soldier is just unstoppable.

Rocket Launcher: This is a very good gun if you have good aim. Only use this if your Shotgun is out, or if the monster/wildlife is out of reach of the shotgun.

Super Soldier: This is your main ability you will be using, use it wisely and use it with care. This is a tremendous buff to Parnell and only has two downfalls which can be easily set aside.

Tips and Tricks: Before using Super Soldier turn on your personal shield so it negates the tiny damage the Super Soldier does when you activate it. Also before you use Super Soldier make sure the monster is near you and the medic/support is in the area. Your main gun you should use is the shotgun. When you run out of ammo switch to the rocket launcher and continue until Super Soldier runs out. Quick note, if you really need to get away from the monster, Super Soldier gives you a small movement speed buff.

Ultimate Combo: Cabots damage amp. Cabot will be your best friend after you see this in action. Once Cabot has the damage amp up, activate Super Soldier and take out the shotgun and unleash hell. The monsters health will be deleted fast. This can prove even more devastating if you have a laz. Have Laz poke holes in the monsters armor and aim for the weak points. If you know how to use Parnell he is really fun and is a very dangerous Assault.



Torvald :torvald:


I have to go with Torvald also


Parnell. I like to live dangerously.


Torvald is the best one imo.

His reliability is next to Hyde’s for when you don’t know the Monster pick beforehand, and either he hits and deals huge damage or misses in the sense that he kinda forced you away like a Trapper.


Torvald is best all around IMO.

Lennox is still my fav tho :smiley_cat:


I think it really depends on who the best assault is. Depending on team build, map, and monster selection. My personal favorite is Hyde(i just love melting faces) an i find his “stink bombs” to be remarkably useful against the more strategic monsters such as behemoth and wraith but find him lacking against the more mobile gorgon or kraken.
Lennox is a goliath melter but i find her also lacking against the kraken or wraith.
Torvold is good for everybody except maybe a Gorgon (due to the gorgons less predictable movement making it harder to utilize his morter)
Markov (both of them) are pretty all around straight forward an i personally dislike them both because i find them sooo very boring.
Leaving Parnell. Who is, as the post above points out, the best for doing to most direct damage the fastest. However i find his lack of utility a little off-putting. Without a Cabot i wld pick Torvold or Hyde anyday over Parnell. Just my opinions, throwing them out there, supporting the post. Lolz

  1. Torvalds is the best
  2. Hyde
  3. Parnell
  4. Blitz Markov - Lennox
  5. Markov


That is true. Without Cabot Parnell isnt as devastating, as the other assaults are still able to do damage even without Cabot.


Gonna say I’d more scared of a good Parnell than a good Torvald. Torvald with capacity is slow. Pretty sure in DPS Torvald’s Shotgun is better. I’d like to add SS Parnell with head and body shots melts a monster faster than Torvald can in the amount of time.


According to 40 voters of our community the level of “good” goes as follows.

  • Torvald 37% - Most Overpowered

  • Hyde 20% - Most Balanced

  • Blitz Markov 6% - Balanced

  • Lennox 2% - Most Underpowered

  • Parnell 2% - Balanced

  • Markov 0% - Balanced


But if you factor in Torvalds shrapnel grenades he allows more damage overall from a team basis(since you factored in SS seems fair to throw in torvolds specialty equipment aswell) an that, i beleive, makes him scarier than Parnell.


Torvald is the best, has the best RELIABLE burst (Lennox is not reliable even though she has the better burst) and because of this, has a form of soft cc in regards to his mortars.

Medic being focused? Mortar them. Monster has to move or eat a ton of damage.

  1. Torvald
  2. Hyde
  3. Parnell
  4. Blitzkov
  5. Lennox
  6. Markov


The Torvald love is real!


There are other Assaults I like more, but I have to say Torvald is better. Those Shrapnel grenades just absolutely pepper weak spots which is just a sight to see when it happens. The shotgun takes a bit of skill to use as it dumps all shells in one go so you better make sure it hits. The mortars are devastating if you are in a place you can use them.
So there are easier Assaults out there to use, but I think Torvald offers a bit more than them.


I’d say Hyde’s the best,he seems the most chosen anyway at silver skilled level by most players i see.I think Parnell can be great in a good team all with mics on.

I’d say the Markov’s are the worst maybe OG is the worst as Blitkov with Cabot can do some insane damage


Guys, help me understand why Torvald is so good, I feel is mortar attack is very situational, in every fight I never saw a monster staying enough at the same place to use it, so what is it, are is shotty and nade that strong?




Best Assault in my own opinion would be these ones (not including the adaptations, seeing as to how they have an advantage over the original characters).

1 - Torvald
2 - Hyde
3 - Parnell
4 - Lennox
5 - Markov

This may be wrong, at best, but this is from my own personal experience with the characters.


Definitely. Definitely Torvald.