Best Assault Tips Compilation


Here’s the name of the game. I want your Assault Tips! Tell me what you’ve noticed helps your Assault game or what rules you live by when you play Assault.

You can tell me if you use it for just one Assault, or just a standard rule for Assaults. Tell me what team comps work, strats, Perks, it doesn’t matter!

Assault General






Blitz Markov


Ignoring the comment on Reload Speed recharging the shield, this should be mostly in date, as not much has changed with Hyde. :smiley:


Torvald best comp? Just Torvald. 1v1 me bro.



#Assault General
Don’t immediately activate your shield! Wait until 2 thirds of your health is gone, THEN activate the shield!
Place the mines between the hunters and the monster, and always have all 3 out! If the monster is close enough, get on the lightning gun, if moving in, use the AR
Recommended perk: Capacity, reload, quick switch
Same as above, always have your nades out, always use the flamethrower, and if closing in/on the chase, use the minigun.
Recommended perk: Capacity, reload
Prioritize the shotgun, since it does more damage. Also, you can use SS on the chase, as a personal acceleration shield, but be careful not to lose too much health using it!
Recommended perks: Capicity, quick switch, health regen.
Always have weakpoints on the monster, and try to have the mortars on cooldown as much as possible!
Recommended perks: Capicity, reload speed
Stay close to the monster, utilizing the plasma lance, and the tunder strike to get in close. If the monster keeps knocking you away, back off and switch to the AA gun. Remember to give some lead!
Recommended perks: Quick switch, reload, jetpack recharge
#Blitz Markov
Same as normal markov really, only I’d really only use capacity.

I’ve yet to focus on maining a assault, so for more advanced tactics, look at the others


yea, i tried to do something similar to this a while back for all the hunters and some people commented but it died out after a while


Good, give me what you got. I have a list already. Just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything!


Continuing the discussion from 911-Evolve The Evolve Tip/Hint Hotline:

[quote=“The_Mastermind, post:2, topic:72252”]:assault: ASSAULT :assault:



- Suggested Perk(s)
Movement speed x2 (most popular)
Capacity x1
Reload Speed x1

- How to Play With
- Always stay close to the monster when you use your shotgun, aim for head shot or the chest ONLY and don’t spam the Super Soldier. Wait for the right opportunity.
- In the dome try and stay within 15-20m of the monster and focus on the shotgun. Avoid using your Super Soldier when in close distance for the fear of being pounced and having it wasted, however, using Super Soldier as a way to protect a teammate is a good idea.
- When chasing the monster, try to use Super Soldier as much as possible to keep up with it and deny feeding/armor.
- Always try to time it so that SS is off cooldown when the dome drops. How often you can use SS depends on how much your medic pays attention
- Its best to use Super Soldier when on a straightaway or going uphill, that way you make the most out of the extra speed and jump height and save your jetpack fuel for the easier parts of your route.

- How to Play Against
- Try to keep your distance from him and push him back using your Crowd Control, you can also take advantage of his super soldier if it’s used incorrectly.
- Stay away from Parnell, especially when you know SS is ready. If SS is on cooldown you can try to hurt him or bait the shield, but its like getting in Hyde’s face: he wants you to do that.
- When he pops SS too close to you, pounce him then follow it up with something fast and tumbly (charge, heavy, vortex, etc.) to waste it as much as possible, then run.
- Parnell is actually the easiest assault to down, although the recent changes have made it harder. When he starts chasing you with Super soldier after a dome and wont let you eat, use cover and try to wait for him to go out too far and pounce him to waste the shield. As soon as he pops it, run and feed fast before the inevitable dome. Without a shield its harder for him to keep pressure on you, this goes for any assault.

- How to Play Alongside
- Always give Parnell the monster’s location so he can get the evolve damage.
- Trapper: you have to do your job VERY well with your crowd control so that he can get good damage.
- Medic: you have to be extra careful because of Parnell’s super soldier, it will cause him to lose some health.
- With the new [5.1] patch, Val is the best medic to use with Parnell at this point. If you’re confident with Slim he is just as good. Val compliments Parnell’s ability to chase with tranqs and should almost always be paired with him outside the dome. Slim has the bug for long range heals and spores make it harder for the monster to find Parnell up close in a fight.
- Cabot and Sunny are the best supports for Parnell. Cabot’s amp makes each super soldier count and he is just as annoying outside of the dome when it comes to stopping the monster from feeding. Sunny’s jetpack booster makes the pressure from Parnell even stronger, and if you communicate well you can cycle it with super soldier and Parnell’s jetpack for maximum distance.
- Any trapper works well with Parnell, but Griffin/Jack work best because of their ability to stop the monster dead in its tracks. Griffin more so on the chase and less so in the dome, Jack the opposite.

- Situational/General Tips
- You need to learn how to keep up with the monster outside of the dome to make Parnell work against any decent monster. Don’t let every dome become an arena dome with the monster at full armor and staged up.
- You need to learn to keep up with the monster inside the dome to make Parnell work at all.

Parnell Tip/Strategy Hotline

- [SQUAry_berry395] (
- [bobbey] (

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- Suggested Perk(s)
Jetpack Recharge x1
Damage Increase x1

- How to Play With
- Lennox requires more movement skills to get the most DPS out of her than other assaults. Use your jetpack to circle around or over the monster whenever it turns to you and keep your plasma lance as your primary weapon when you do.

- How to Play Against
- Lennox is an assault that can heavily hurt you when your focusing another hunter. Keep your eye of her and keep moving. It doesn’t take long for her lance to multiply and even less time to melt your armor

- How to Play Alongside
- Characters like Maggie/Griffin are great with Lennox as their crowd control holds the monster in place instead of just showing them down while characters like Sunny/Hank give Lennox extra combat mobility or prevent damage to keep the lance up.

- Situational Tips
- Use your Thunderstrike whenever a monster turns around to hit you while using your lance. It doesn’t cancel out the lance, gets you back behind them, and avoids their melee(or roll) damage while dealing extra damage itself. Much better then using your jetpack.

Lennox Tip/Strategy Hotline

- [The_Mastermind] (

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This is what I’m talking about!


the thread itself was a pretty good idea because he basically compiled community tips into a more readable format and the thread linked to things like jetpack management etc. it just wasn’t looked at often and just died off.


Reload and capacity on hyde are useless imo, i always used damage perk to maximize dps or movement speed/ jetpack recharge to keep close range on monster with flamethrower. Those perks imo are useless because i go for minigun pretty rarely in direct combat, i mostly use it for monster feeling / kraken. But usually i spam flamethrower and grenade.
Quickswitch helps, good choice.

Edit: always minigun when weakspots are placed, the rate of fire on those is brutal


Parnell- Go reload, pop ss virtually every time its ready, prioritize rockets. Aim for the head. Save jetpack (given)


although rockets are still pretty decent, the damage the shotgun gives is MASSIVE at mid range during SS(about 600dps compared to the rockets 270dps)

Critspots (behemoth’s stomach isnt his head)


Trust me when i say prioritizing rockets and using shotgun when monster is close is best way to go.


I notice that parnell’s SS gives him a particle effect that is easily visible when cloaked, so reviving that cloaked support may be able to wait until SS is over, depending.

Also, [quote=“The_Mastermind, post:12, topic:81485”]
damage the shotgun gives is MASSIVE at mid range during SS(about 600dps compared to the rockets 270dps)

how does the Behemoth’s armor change effect this? i assume that not all of the shotgun pellets will hit his armor, but is there a way of calculating or theorizing how much damage is mitigated in that situation?


depends on the range you’re firing at and where exactly you’re firing at. even if you consider that all the pellets hit armor, you’ll still be doing more damage than the rocket launcher.

the spread of the pellets on parnell are at a fixed number, meaning that it can probably be tested for to try and come up with some possible theories. but as of this moment, the only thing i know about them from testing is that the very most center pellet(s) will always hit the target. While testing weapon ranges a couple months back, i tested shotguns from 200-300m away with a friend.

although not all the pellets hit him, some of them ALWAYS hit where i aimed (his head).

so, as i mentioned, i’m sure i can test for something in the future.

but as for [quote=“vinylscratchmlp, post:14, topic:81485”]
is there a way of calculating or theorizing how much damage is mitigated in that situation?

at medium range, it is safe to assume that he can probably mitigate 35-40% of the damage based on his plates alone. however, his spinal area, part of his head and one of his arms, it’ll probably be closer to 20-35%. where as his critspot is just a lovely place to shoot during supersoldier.


Sorry I’m on my phone at work so I can’t do fancy formatting


Perks: quick swap (my fav), or I mean capacity and reload probably help with Lightning Gun dps only

-Lightning gun as soon as it recharges :neutral_face:

-Assault rifle headshots HURT. this makes Markov great against kraken, because a good kraken is going to use spacing to make your Lightning Gun useless. Know when the kraken is being flighty and kitey, and start peppering that bolbous head of his

-After the dome drops, your assault rifle is always going to add a little extra damage while the beast is running. It has a huge clip, so keep firing, because if you’re consistent with it after each dome it can add up

-Out of sweet sweet Lightning Gun juice? You’ve got time for 3 mines, bub. Think fast, and knowing the next few bullets is going to be crucial. If you have already laid mines, or you only need to put down one or two, don’t forget about that assault rifle.

-Quick swap allows for some more assault rifle dps if you only want to put down one or two mines

-Mines in combat: tops of cliffs are good, and right around corners or anywhere someone would use to kite the monster are good. These are what we can call asshole-mines. If you’re doing man-mines you want to arrange them as a wall of defense (not too close, don’t want them to all get shat on in one cooldown of fire breath). But put them on the ground near the center of the dome, and kinda pretend they are walling off where the monster currently is

-mines in loops: not every dome is perfect. Be a bro, and put mines in that narrow pass the monster calls his home away from home. Your trapper will give you a firm pat on the butt, guaranteed, and it might just make a damned fool out of the monster who thinks that that’s where they need to go when they run out of armor

-Quick swap makes it easy to adjust mines after each juicy bursy of lightning if the monster has moved spots, and you don’t have a shot with the assault rifle.

-don’t get caught up in mines!! They are fine even working as a reason for the monster to blow a cooldown. Your team needs dps, so you don’t want to be doing mines after every single Lightning burst. Towards the end of the dome, don’t even worry about mines, just keep wrecking that health bar :smile:



He’s so silly. Does he really think he’s going to find the monster that killed everyone on the Ajax? A robot man can dream…

Capacity. I have experimented. It’s pretty much the best :slightly_smiling:

Torvald isn’t reliable, lets get that straight. I don’t play him in broken hill foundry or mine, because mortars are a huge part of his damage, and his counter is low ceilings. And if you’re telling me one damage source is sufficient, I don’t know what to tell you.

Shotgun and shrapnel

-His shottie is cool, it doesnt have too much spread, and I mean cmon its an automatic shotgun. But it’s damn near useless without weak points. Unless you know there’s no time for it, initiate with a shrapnel grenade

-Shrapnel grenades got range, son. If your quarry is hiding behind something, toss it to the side behind the structure. It’s in the dome, but it just “vanished”? Throw shrapnel into every bush, nook, corner, and cranny without hesitation

-Parnell’s shotgun it ain’t, Torvald probably doesnt trust Abe with his gear. Its damage comes from being on point with every shot of the clip. You need to deliberately aim for weak points and headshots, or BOTH :astonished:

-HOWEVER, the shotgun is only used in two scenarios. Your mortars are on cooldown, or you’re being targeted. The headshot damage comes easier when he’s in your face.

Mortar cannon: the best and worst part of Torvald

-It’s the worst part, because of the reliability factor. A smart monster can fight on his own terms. In that case you show that asshole that your shotgun and shrapnel mean business. He can also dodge if he hears the terrifying sound of mortar fire being discharged

-think one step ahead. They take time to get there, so you HAVE to be able to predict what the monster is going to do, or where he’s going to go.

-its (mostly) a punishing tool. The damage comes easiest when he is targeting someone else, or camping an incapped body. Never hesitate to discourage the monster with your mortars in these situations. Get good at predicting where the poor bastard being chased is going to take the fight to.

-it can fire up. Yep. Into the air… and it is a little tricky, but it can result in some serious immediate damage. So if the monster is attacking someone on a cliff, or if the kraken is literally dribbling electric slobber onto you, aim your robo arm to the sky and fire away.

-spread the mortars out, or treat it like a mini orbital strike. It’s up to you, young torvald player. Spreading it out makes it more likely for a couple to land, but who doesn’t like a game-changing orbital, huh???

-outside of the dome, dream BIG. Opposed to other assaults, you don’t have a pepper-damage, ranged, secondary gun. You have HELL-FIRE. DOOM. You’re going to tear the jungle apart trying to land that out-of-dome mortar strike. Just aim into the air in front of you, but be sure to get that arc just right. Practice makes perfect on this one

-if you’re being pushed around, fire mortars where you’re going to go. The mortars have a minimum range away from you to be able to fire, but if you do it right the monster has to either stop the chase, or take mortar damage


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