Best Assault Character?


Which do you think the best assault character is?

I personally like Hyde, I can just spray and pray with that flamethrower and I always end up killing something. I despise playing Parnell/Torvald because they actually require accuracy to be good. I can never land shots so I’m useless with them. Hyde/Markov’s consistent damage output is what makes them great in my opinion.


Hyde, hes just so amazing, literally everything about him appeals to me.
Good long range damage
Good area denial
And possibly the best lines in the game


Markov. I really like the safety my mines give the rest of my team. The assault rifle is fun to prevent eating while chasing and the chain on the lightning gun is good in some tricky spots like banshee mines and venomhounds.


Markov is the most safe pick.Mines and Lighting gun.That’s why he is preferable mostly on ESL’s.
Hyde can melt the monster.Much more damage than Markov.Yet his range is not ideal against a Kraken so people don’t prefer him much.
Parnell is also awesome.Do you think your aim is good?Pick him.You are not sure about ur aim?then don’t

So basically Markov wins simply because his lighting gun is “safe” damage.


Hyde’s flamethrower can burn off almost half the Goliath’s armor with one mag ( 4 bars including DoT). Markov can only damage almost 2 bars, the reload on the flamethrower is also very quick so you can get back to fucking melting fucking faces in a fucking hurry. The range is a weak point for Hyde, but he does have a mini gun that does do work, you may need to get the accuracy masteries to be really efficient though.

As for Markov’s mines, a lot of players are very experienced and aren’t stupid to walk over them and will simply ignore it. You can always throw Hyde’s toxic grenades into the middle of the battle and rack up the damage along with your flamethrower.

Assault Damage Comparison


I’m talking from the experience i got from all the Sunday ESL’s.And by that i mean that’s how it always goes.If we dome the monster Stage 1 he always runs from corner to corner allowing you only to damage with the minigun.

At Stage 2 if the monster decides to fight then yes he is good.But keep in mind that most of the monster players are playing Kraken.So if Kraken is on the air you only have the minigun.Markov has better range with the lighting gun.So Markov is prefered

PS.In an ideal situation when fighting the monster Hyde would win hands down.But so far especially with all those Krakens Hyde doesnt find the oportunity


Out of all of the games I’ve played today, I haven’t come across a single Kraken; mostly Goliath/Behemoth, couple of Wraiths.

It’s nice to see no wraith whores anymore. What nerfs did she get for people to stop playing her?


they nerfed his mines 75 percent less health and 20 percent less damage a golitah can pop all 5 in 2 secs


Yeah i haven’t played a single pub match in at least a month.I don’t know what’s going on there xD


I feel like Markov’s mines are lacking.


They are. Pre-nerf, I’d have taken Markov in a heartbeat, but now his mines are pathetic. The others are just inherently superior now.


It really depends on your playstyle, and depending on if you’re with a team or not. For me, if i’ve got hank on my team, I like to go with Markov. Very defensive styles, and both can create area denial spots with mines/orbital barrage. Hyde goes well with Val, and Abe. Tranq dart, and stasis grenades are a nasty combo with the flamethrower and poison grenades. It really depends on who you’re paired with. I enjoy all of them, but still need to figure out the new assault.


Parnell’s shotgun has excellent range for being a shotgun. He is able to consistently put good damage on the monster, even if it’s a Kraken (with good enough aim I guess). Timed right, super soldier has great damage potential. Markov’s lightning gun, though crazy accurate, doesn’t put out enough damage. Hydes primary sources of damage, flamethrower and toxic nades, are not effective against Krakens. Parnell however, can deal good mid-short range damage with the shotgun, and has a viable secondary long range. Also, Super Soldier cannot be countered unless he is taking damage, and if an assault is taking damage, they’re taking the heat off their teammates, which is still a good situation. In light of this, Parnell counters the pesky Kraken and can still do well against the other monsters, making him, in my mind, the best all-around assault.


Can anyone here say torvald? Even with a nerf, i only have one word MORTARS. It is a very punishing weapon, if the monster wants to run, i just carpet bomb the area he is running to taking away another bar or 2 of health. If he wants to eat, I can take all the armour he just got away. If he’s trying to camp a body, especially when laz is on the team, he will pay for it with his health. So far I’ve only had a handful of games where monster is smart enough to go after me in my face.


Until he gets nerfed, yes. Torvald it is.


Like i said, even if/when he gets nerfed (more likely when haha) I’ll always love those back cannons


I agree, I’m a monster main but Torvald changed my opinion on assault. with increased capacity perk the morter is unreal.even if the monster is fast ,it’s still easy to lead targets with the extra moters.the shotgun also shines with increased capacity and is multiplied with a quick shrapnel grenade.(Torvald op)only assault with comparable high damage with both weapons. plus team bonus points with the grenade.


Best assault depends on what monster you’re facing.

For me, I’d still pick Markov when going against Goliath. Goliath is way too mobile to stay in Hyde grenades and Torvald mortars. Mines can be placed on a high point for teammate safety and lightning gun tracks Goliath’s leaps rather well.

For Kraken, Parnell or Hyde. That minigun and Shotgun are still pretty accurate at ranged and rank in that headshot damage that is Kraken’s big downside.

For Wraith, Hyde or Markov or Torvald. All three have tools to deal with Wraith’s invisibility and inhibit her movement.

For Behemoth, Parnell, Hyde or Torvald. Hyde for his grenades and Flamethrower which against immobile Behemoth deal stupid damage. Same with Torvald and his mortars, and for Parnell hitting that weakspot is soooo easy.



I understand if you think Torvald can’t hit a leaping goliath, but I’ve managed to predict his movement or wait until he’s out of leaps. but if he’s smart I can’t do much with the morters.even without the morters though the shotgun does adequate damage which improves with weakspots.I haven’t tried buffed Hyde though and I saw behemoth get rekt by Parnell.until then I think Torvald is the best for every monster except kraken for him I like Hyde for the improved minigun and proximity gas grenades.Markov works too and might be a safer pick.