Besides Kraken Which Monster is Top Dog


I personally think Wraiths precision makes wraith the 2nd best monster overall.


If i had to pick, id say Kraken > Goliath > Wraith > MG > Gorgon > Bob.

Some of these are far, FAR closer than others, and its really only small things that set them apart.

Think of it more like this, if this makes sense:



Behemoth > gorgon > meteor > Goliath > karken > wraith

More balanced then most forum posters will admit. If neither side can come to a consensus on something being OP then it sounds a lot like balance to me.


Goliath for sure


Wraith > Goliath > Behemoth > Gorgon

As of TU08


Goliath (however depends on trapper, sometimes to kiteable) > Wraith > Behemoth > Gorgon.

Gorgon just isnt viable in anyway against decent teams (basically 2 abilities worthless), then not enough burst to kill someone except you count exotic hunter setups.


Kraken > Meator Goliath > Goliath > Behemoth > Wraith


Kraken is by far the best Monster right now.

Kraken > Goliath > Meteor > Bob (against Pubs) > Wraith > Gorgon. Would switch Gorgon with Wraith but since there’s this pounce bug in 8.0 i never play him. Looking forward to 9.0


Kraken > Wraith > Goliath > Behemoth > Meteor Goliath > Gorgon



Goliath best monster. Goliath always best monster.


Everyone(okay just a lot) tries to say on this forum that wraith but every high level player I know tends to agree wraith is garbage. This could be because I’m on console or maybe everyone I talk to sucks(though I doubt this as gold hunters and monsters agree with me as well). If I’m wrong I’d love to see some recent footage of good wraith players just to see how people manage it(i’m also a wraith player and still recognize her as pretty crappy lately, though I still insist on using her XD).

Having said that,

Goliath, behemoth, wraith, gorgon. This is, of course, barring the exceptional player who’s just remarkably good.


I’m assuming that this means for the try hard tier or competitive scene.

Kraken, Goliath, Meatstick, Gorgon and finally Berbs. wraith is garbage with all her bugs (that slow melee and getting stuck thing), but some can make her work but it’s safer to be the other monsters.

For online play
Behemoth, Gorgon, Meaty , Wraith, Goliath. Kraken that isn’t a garbage monster will destroy a team of pubs regardless.


Kraken > Wraith > Meaty > Goliath > Gorgon > Behemoth
This is my opinion on PC at least.

That’s not balance, that’s huge balance inconsistensies between platforms.
Just because something is OP on consoles and UP on PC doesn’t make it balanced.


Kraken > Goliath > Meteor > Behemoth > Wraith > a harmless baby > Gorgon


Both Goliaths are good there probably the 2nd best,obviously nothing comes close to the mighty kraken ridiculously OP in pubs


Goliath might be the 2nd and Meteor might be the last.

Kraken > Goliath > Wraith > Behemoth > Meteor > Gorgon

You know what? When I was making the list and I finally recalled Gorgon. XD


Kraken > Goliath > Wraith > Behemoth > MG > Gorgon

Couldn’t decide if I should place Wraith or Bob 3rd place. He can be a nightmare for hunters that is hard to crack. Would love to place Gorgs higher on the list, but she really is pretty squishy.
Let’s see how Elder Kraken will be :smiley:


Meeteeoor Gooliiaath…just saying…


I’m surprised so many people put Goliath at the best place behind Kraken.

He’s still leagues behind Kraken of course, no doubt about that. At this point I’ve been through the worst times with my boy Goliath, I certainly wouldn’t mind a patch that makes Goliath the OP Monster for once. He’s always been the underdog.

To each their own opinion, but I still vote Wraith to be more viable than either version of Goliath solely based around the fact that at a few hundred hours you’ll reach a point as Hunter player where it becomes laughably easy to kite Goliath for days, whereas with Wraith this has always been much harder to accomplish due to her faster and more precise traversals.


Top dog, you say?

Wasteland Daisy

Jk, mine would be Bob>Meteor Goliath>Gorgon>Kraken>Wraith