Being switched from monster on evacuation when I won as the monster

It’s borderline retarded that they’d switch you, even if my least preferred choice is the monster, after winning the match before. Every time this happens to me, I end up giving the next plater a monster minion and they win. If I didn’t want to continue to play as the monster, I’d leave the match like everyone else does. Please, for the love of everything holy in this earth, that really needs to change. I’d much rather be able to keep the monster on my 5th spot.

Weird, whenever i get picked as monster i stay as monster for the entire thing. Did people leave the lobby and you got moved around or something? Cuz this just sounds strange

This shouldn’t happen. I mean, it’s not SUPPOSED to happen.

Happened to me once, but the opposite way. I was a hunter becoming a monster, and I was even playing in a pre-made group of 3 people. Obviously some bug, TRS wouldn’t be that stupid.

Most of the time it is because of people leaving the lobby, but it still shouldn’t do that. I don’t like winning a match as a monster and leaving the next person to come in and soak up my rewards. If I knew I was going to be swapped, I’d just throw the game so I’m not losing XP and the bonus for the next day.