Being punished for other player's disconnecting


I’m sure this has been discussed before. But please, please. If someone disconnects from a game because they were sucking at playing monster, don’t throw me in when it has a sliver of HP left. Yeah, WLR doesn’t matter etc etc, but its very frustrating when I get thrown into a game v a stage 1 kraken with 1/5 a bar of HP…twice in a row. The exact same game. If I left the game, don’t throw me back into the same one. Counted as 2 losses for me.
Even if the legendary ranked mode comes to fruition and this supposedly wont happen, for casual play it is extremely frustrating. It annoys a lot of players, especially those that do care about their WLR as a number of their skill at a certain character.

  1. Don’t throw people into the same game they left. I’d rather be told no games are available. If the people in the lobby sucked or whatever and we left, putting us back into the SAME game is just…illogical.

  2. Don’t throw people into games that have progressed far. Just started? Cool. Stage one dome with full armor? Fine. Stage one with barely any health and AI runs into mammoth birds before you can take over? Come on. Put a time limit, such as 10 minutes, in which you can’t join past that if situational awareness is too difficult. Or get put on as observer, I dont know.

  3. OR, throw us into a game in progress, but have NO penalty for leaving if you decide its hopeless. If we START the game via lobby and leave, count it as a loss. If we join midway, it should NOT count against us if we leave immediately.

For me personally, my WLR is something that is looked at by the people I play with. We have fun competitions with each other. My kraken WLR tanked embarrassingly within 2 minutes and I couldn’t do anything about it.

I just hope there is a solution in the works.


Yeah, I like not being able to join past a certain amount of time passing the health being low.
Joining with no armor and barely any health Is a bit frustrating.


If you join in the middle, it won’t go on as a loss.


Yeah it does, I was thrown into a game already in progress and Kraken was stage one with no armor, and less than half a bar of health left. I promptly left because that is a waste of time to try and play. I waited a minute, searched for another game, and was put into the SAME game. It counted as a loss both times. My WLR went down, as I stated.


Because you left the game. Leaves count as losses. Losing after joining in the middle doesn’t count as a loss on the scoreboard.

If you get a loss after joining midgame and completing the match, that’s a bug and you should document and report it.


You’re wrong. Losing a game you joined in progress does count as a loss. I got 2 losses on Wraith like that, and every single other game I joined in progress. What you described is a way it SHOULD be handled, as suggested by someone on forums. It’s not how it actually works.