Being placed as monster when 5th option


Lobby only has 4 people when the game selects roles for each person. For some reason it puts me as the monster when its my 5th choice. I should at least be placed as my fourth choice because there are only four people in the lobby. However, a bot gets placed in that slot instead of me.

I’m not complaining that I get put as the monster every once and awhile when its my 5th option, but it doesn’t make sense to put me in that role when there aren’t even 5 people.


You know what that’s true. I’ve played with only three people in the lobby and two of us will be hunters and someone has to be the monster without the choice to back out of the monster role to choose one of the open hunter spaces, which results in that person leaving anyways and getting stuck against an AI monster.

I guess since it’s multiplayer it wants to have at least someone playing the monster role over the AI.


It does this so that it’s funner for the other hunters. That way they aren’t fighting an AI, but rather a human with actual logic and decision making, not predetermined code and number variables.

Your next match should have paired somebody else as monster, did it not?


Only happens when everyone else has it as their fifth choice, or you’re in there with a party. Or you’re in there with someone else who has it as their fifth choice AND a party.


It still shouldn’t happen though since there aren’t 5 people in the lobby.


This will happen on Evacuation, where you are then playing the monster for the next 5 matches.


Well then you play through it or leave. Ain’t that hard. If you play through it you gain extra EXP and mastery.


Oh, I see. Sounds like maybe an edge case where someone just left but the matchmaking system doesn’t know it yet or something. But that’s just me guessing. I agree that sounds wrong though.