Being outside the dome as a monster


Thinking back a couple times i toyed with the hunters when they incorrectly placed the dome and now that i think about it, i was able to pull a hunter outside the dome using the stealth attack, should this be possible or it is just another bug?( when i did stealth attack him the animation showed me jump inside the dome for the initial attack but when i was pounding on his face i was outside the dome where i was before i initiated the pounce… ive also been able to pull food inside the dome using the same tactic, which this one seems more viable them the other i mentioned
obv if you have a good trapper this wouldnt happen but still something to keep in mind


Sounds like an edge case, but pretty cool and monstery!


I see what you did there… edge of the dome… edge case… huehuehue



The sneak attack animation can cause you to ‘pull’ many things to you instead of you going to them. I would have liked to see the hunter you grabbed :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I want to see if I can warp straight up and land on top of the dome. Then I will dance on the ceiling.


If I remember correctly, you can go into the dome from outside without any problems. This means you’d fall through and be stuck inside afterwards :wink:


Curses hadn’t thought this through.


An excellent notion, but yeah, Wraith would fall…but what if you can maintain flight over it as Kraken?