Being Monster No Fun


Just to me feels like anytime the hunters find the monster stupid quick at stage one it is unbearable to be the monster. I have no issue of I am the monster and lose when I reach stage 2 because then it is at least competitive. The issue is as the monster the hunters are literally on me like flies on crap and have seemingly no end to their jetpacks that make putting distance between us impossible. I am not sure what i am doing wrong or what perks I need but some advice would be nice so being a monster can be fun again.


Hit and run. Expect competent Hunters to be able to stick to you. If you get an incap, use that to escape. If you over-commit, you will die. Don’t try and get the win at Stage 1 or even early Stage 2 unless you racked up a lot of Strikes. It’s usually when I have 2 Hunters at 2 Strikes I go for the win.

@deanimate has some stuff you might want to check out. He’s OK from what I hear /kappa


Ok, and what is it i should do if I get domed stupid early like it always seems to happen? I literally started playing the game on Sunday and am trying to learn where to invest my keys for perks.