Being gay and a gaymer


Any gay gaymer out there if so feel free to add me I play a lot of evole and I loooove it. I play support Which role do you Main


Well I’m not gay but if you’re on X1, feel free to add me!


GAYmer? Really?!


It’s not exactly a new term. :slight_smile:


Can’t say I’ve ever heard it. My bad


Go play my old server in World of Warcraft, Proudmoore. You will learn allot of new terms like that.


Kos nusaan Fluffington! :wink:


Hi dreh ni imaar dii kul.


kekekekekek stupid newbs


Nooo Zu’u lor hi lost nusaan!


Sorry, what?


What was that for?


lol= kek for orcs


I just wanted to say I knew wow terms


Ha noob. You don’t even speak Dovahzul, because I know from past experience that when you paste it it has a space in front.


Ps4 getting a xbox one soon


We are speaking Dovahzul. Skyrim, bro.


I know what Kek means, I was asking why you called people newbs. 0.o


Do you have Evolve for both?


i didnt know this was a serious deal my apoligies