Being destroyed by lvl 40 hunters


Ok so I am a level 36 and I always get matched with level 40s. I always have monster as my least favorite preference and around 80% of the time I am monster I am guess because they are in a party. So I am playing against 4 level 40s in a party versus me who is about a maybe level 10 maybe 15 at most monster. You can see my challenge and this is why I have given up playing this game because every game its just me getting destroyed as monster over and over. There needs to be some sort of support for up and coming monsters, like make it so that you can have an option to opt out of monster so it will not put you in a lobby forcing you to be monster, and if you are gonna be monster have a separate match making system based on your past monster games.


Mmm? Which platform? Maybe you could look for some people to play with, make sure they’re friendly and not trash-talky. I could send an add your way, if you’re on PC. I wouldn’t mind, so long as you’re not a meanie. ;w;


No but the real problem is that when I want to play monster I want to play monster against people on my monster skill level not on my overall level. Because I am being matched with really high skill hunters when my monster play is really bad.


Ah… Fair enough. I understand you completely, I know back in the day I had a similar problem like, with league of legends and stuff. Paired up with level 30s because I queued with level 30s. Got my ass handed to me. Being thrown in the deep end is an absolute bummer, but at the same time, it gives you experience. You can learn a lot, possibly read some guides? (I’m sure they’re out there somewhere!).
Despite it sucking major butts, it can be good experience.


Ranked matchmaking should be coming soon. That’s when I’ll probably start being able to play Monster.


Watching esl tournament monsters helps a lot. Those guys are masters. Monster role is completely situational, playing off the hunters mistakes. You’ll get the hang of it. :smiley:

All the different Hunter combos match up differently, there’s millions of different combos. You’ll probably find a few hunters in particular you hate fighting, you just need to learn their strategies and what counters each individual. My friends get frustrated playing monster. But it takes more practice than any Hunter, you’re only relying on yourself as monster, and positioning is key.


That’s rough. I guess your options are either to find people to play with (people here on the forums will be great for that) or you can

I recommend finding a group here, on reddit, or any other LFG site. The game is so much more fun that way.


go check " hard on you"


Well what I really want is a team of hunters to face who will tell me what I am doing right and wrong during a match and get better at it that way.


Are you on PC? If so I can get a few friends together and I can give you some pointers, monster main yo, always glad to help a fellow out ^.^


I can definitely relate to this. Currently Level 39 on PC and love the game, but mainly for the Hunter teamwork aspect. That’s where I have earned 95% of my experience. So when my 5th choice gets picked and I jump in as monster, I am usually slaughtered by the other Level 40’s I’m paired with in short order. I’m not griping when it happens, as I can at least last for more than 5 mins now, but I am in total agreement. When playing Monster we should be separately ranked based on our time in that very specific role. Turtle Rock are all about fun for the player hence the ranking system. But it needs to go both ways. I simply don’t have the experience to go up against 4 x Level 40 Hunters. Not yet at least. The fact is, having my ass handed to me for the fifth time in a row in a role I didn’t necessarily choose, is not fun. If they are trying to keep people in and not have the experience soured then they need to seriously look at this as a match making option.


All I can recommend is to watch some Monster streams or ESL gameplay and try to find a good monster player (maybe on the forums) who will give you some tips or help teach you. Beyond that, finding some Hunters to practice against who will give you pointers on what you did right or wrong would also be helpful.

At this point, you really just need to put the effort forward to find people. Otherwise, you will just have to learn by experience in pubs, which will likely be frustrating at first.


Ya I am on PC if you could give me some pointers some time that would be great


Whats your steam ID, I’ll add you them some time in the future we can run some customs so
A. I can watch you play and judge you accordingly
B. You can see me play and may pick up a few things as you go along ^.^


Husky Fusky


I have a similar issue, in that I generally avoid monster role, having preferred hunters. If I use matchmaking, it’s not unusual for me to be tossed in as monster.

The only way I can be competitive as monster, is to choose Kraken, and then spam the hell out of his attacks. I’ve never been good as wraith (decoy is lost on me, never see any benefit from it). I used to be decent at Goliath, but now I can’t seem to traverse as well as I used to be able to. And Behemoth was decent for me until he got nerfed.

Even while I can do well as Kraken, that’s only for Hunt or Defend modes. Rescue or Nest, I still lose utterly :smile:

And of course, this is with me at level 38, with few monster matches under my belt, yet against groups of level 40 hunters…


it doesn’t helps A LOT… playing monster helps a lot and trying out things (escaping domes, sneaking right next to hunters, fight combos, game mechanic, perks, learning maps, get a feeling where to evolve, where to fight)… and for that you need even a chance. there is no chance when they catch u within 2min into a dome and after that they are on your ass with sunny until they kill you in the next dome.


I wouldn’t mind a matchmaking system that goes along with your win loss ratio. Could possibly even have it based on that particular monster? You could pick your monster ahead of time then it would look for a game.

Any thoughts on this?