Being an Afflicted Werewolf can't be *that* bad, right? (D&D Story)


During our D&D session tonight, we ran into a man in a cabin in the middle of the woods. I was not present at this first meeting (I was off with another party member mopping up some quick business, only about an hour behind the rest of them), but long story there brought short; they p*ssed him off, and then proceeded to attack him and learned very quickly that he was a rather LARGE werewolf (Oops, eh?). They scared him off all the same and proceeded to loot his cabin, but once the party regrouped, we made tracks to leave the area ASAP before it returned with a plan of action this time.

(For some context, we’re currently in rags, barely armed with simplistic, primitive weaponry after being dumped somewhere in the middle of these woods. The most ‘complex’ things we found was a Felling Axe yours truly carries and a Letter Opener made from silver our Rogue keeps on him as a weapon alongside a simple steak knife, all these found in the cabin of the Werewolf)

A day goes by before we see it again. A pack of Dire Wolves jump us from nowhere in the woods, and just as we’re dealing with the last couple of them, our Eldrich Knight Fighter (Archery Style) who was near the outskirts of the group is suddenly ambushed by the Werewolf, who pins him down and proceeds to tear at his shoulder with his jaws. He managed to escape its grasp with a bit of magic, but this only brought the gaze of the creature towards our group; our rogue; his weapon. Specifically, that silver letter opener that belonged to him not 24 hours prior. He immediately pounces the Rogue, aiming for the arm holding the little opener. While he barely grazed the arm with his jaw, his claws dug deep and all but mutilated that poor appendage. Losing the grip on the weapon, as well as any use from that arm at all. Limp as a wet noodle. To save our Rogue, I charged my Half-Orc Barbarian’s arse right into the fray without a second thought. The Rogue got away in the chaos to go recover what health he could.

Unfortunately the little turd of a rogue dipped out of the fray forgetting to grab the weapon on his way out, so now I have a metric f**k-ton of Werewolf looking at me like dinner and no clue where the guy dropped the letter opener beyond ‘On the other side of it!’

We danced a bit. I managed to avoid a bite for a good while, or failing that, nailing the Constitution Rolls to fight off infection. I did Barbarian-Kind proud today, tanking that thing with my pecs of Half-Orcish Justice while my companions lit it up with Magic and Projectiles and the Bard beefing us up.

Still, the blasted beasty was noticeably healing any Non-Magical Damage almost immediately. I needed to find that damned Letter Opener! The rogue hops back in after patching up, his right hand still busted but willing to help. I manage to leap onto the thing’s back in a show of amazing Acrobatics, just to have it buck me off like I was a paper bag (Damn you Nat 1’s!) on the follow-up round. It wasn’t ALL bad though!

Landing next to the Rogue, guess what I finally find, under his foot? Damn right. The only melee weapon worth a lick of salt in this whole group against this furball! I guess he was failing hard on his checks to find the thing, but whatever. I sink that little thing into that beast’s hide just as he turned his attention to another after failing to inflict any serious harm on me (Rage+Bear Totem ftw! Suck my 50% Dmg Reduction, fleabag!)

With a rather brutal bit of damage, for a letter opener, that is, he saw a true threat before him, in the form of a grinning Half-Orc, eager to see that (Finally!) damage could be done to the beast!

Fueled by Barbaric Rage and rather reckless fury, backed by my team and eager to mount this one on my wall, I proceeded to spend the next few rounds doing much more than you may think with a weapon so… impractical. Not long until it was bloodied, half dead, almost frantic, and even distracted by the Rogue who started swinging dead Wolves at the Werewolf (To little gain, but Mr. Furry didn’t appreciate the gesture to his late pets), then it happened…

After snatching the wolf carcass from his hands and showing him how to REALLY handle a dead animal, the Rogue was temporarily ‘disengaged’ and the beast turn his attention back to me. No big deal, I nail my checks vs that Bite and they aren’t too hard to begin with and he doesn’t do much to my health pool with my reduction. Go ahead, wolfie! Give me your best shot!

Claw misses, second swing misses, Bite connects, roll to fight off that nasty effect once more and…

Missed it by 1. Bio has contracted Lycanthropy. Still mid-rage and not caring of the fresh wound, only a handful of rounds pass before Wolfie decides that he’s going down swinging… HARD. WIth me on his back, literally stabbing him over and over and over from neck to shoulder with this freakin’ Letter Opener, He turns on the rogue, barrels him over with a LUDICROUS hit that knocks him clean out cold, then our Bard, who didn’t have much HP to start with, but she is still standing as our Fighter lands a sickening final shot with a rather juicy crit. Wolfman falls, appearing dead. We noticed his wounds still healing, so for good measure, we removed his head from his body before waking up the KO’ed and moving on.

Those of us who were bitten managed to scrounge up an herb that can stave off the bite’s effects permanently if used almost immediately, but it was far from a sure thing, plus the plant itself was poisonous. Not a big issue for myself, I’ve had far worse Constitution saves, but our Bard had an… episode that ended up knocking her right out after taking some of the plant. She’s fine now, but she gave us a good scare. Don’t Stat-Dump your Con, folks!

Sadly, I have a feeling that the herb didn’t cut it, and we’re still in hot water in that regard. We plan to pursue the more expensive methods of curing the affliction, just to be safe, but the DM kindly informed us that the next full moon was only about 6 days off, so time is short either way for our poor-as-dirt characters.

And to top it ALL off… the damned Letter Opener is so beat up it looks more like a sharp piece of metal, so the Rogue is down a weapon. Thing is borderline more dangerous to use than it’d be worth. I warped and messed that thing up pretty well. Not made for that kind of abuse, I’m sure.
Maybe I can turn it into an amulet or something. A memento of sorts. Either way, the Rogue isn’t getting it back. I put that thing to WAY better use, that’s my trophy now. :stuck_out_tongue:


You make me want to play this game.


Reminds me of this one:


More please. I love stories like this!

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Ah the power of fantasy and imagination.

I honestly think it’s all cool and what not but everyone around here (by “here” I mean where I live) is all Magic and even then I have no time to indulge in such things.

But… here is a crazy thought though…

I was once in a Forum Group as a Moderator at the time and we did do little fun tid bits that were just insanely fun for the time.

We had a spam Thread (like out “say something random” Thread) that reached… god I don’t know… at least 10K posts if not more… I’d have to check but good lord it was insane.

And we would do little Role-Playing threads. One of which included us being Spartans and each doing our own things while working together and having our own fight styles. Mine for example was a Dual Wielding Sword Spartan that utilized a similar Energy Knife that Elites had in Halo: Reach on my right hand wrist while using an Energy Based Katana in the right hand while having a custom Energy Sword that was taken by an Elite General that I utilized in the left hand and this Sword had a built in energy shield around the left forearm allowing for both blocking and attacking.

Oh the memories…

I figure that we could all indulge in such an activity here on the Evolve forums…

Maybe all of us take on a role as a Hunter, Colonist or Monster even (although that might be done in an odd and different way, needs more thought). Just a thought.

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Someone started an Evolve RPG here, but I am not sure what happened to it.

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It probably got buried by all the Nerf, Buff, UP, OP, Theory, WTF, This Game is Awesome, I Quit, This Game Sucks, Hunters, Monsters, Tournament, Say Something Random, Bugs, Glitches, HAX, fat people, poop on a wall, TRS caters to Hunters, TRS greedy 4 MONIES, Suggestions, twitch grabbing, Galactoid, NERDS, Mammoth Birds and Gorgon threads.

Remember, no fun allowed.

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Ahh, that story was aces. Reminds me of the time my last group was underleveled and had a fight a bear. None of us actually took damage though, which is funny in hindsight, but it took us forever to end the thing.

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And this was just one encounter in this campaign so far (This was the third session for it).

Our DM we have right now is an old fart, he’s played since his high school days and he’s got a good decade and a half on me. I’m interested to see what the guy has planned for us :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yeah lol I’ve seen that. That thing is freakin’ hilarious. One of those ‘That’d be fun to try in a not-so-serious game some day’ things, and that guy just does it :smiley:
You see this one? Hope our Bard took notes when we laughed about this one;

I’m sure there will be; this campaign just started :stuck_out_tongue:
Should be plenty of shenanigans. We have two barbarians, both Half-Orc (The other couldn’t make it last night due to RL things, but normally he’s there like 100% of the time, so he’ll be sad he missed out on the puppy), so that there all but guarantees some antics, I’m sure.

Sounds like fun! It’s always great to find a group that enjoys these types of games and activities. I did take part in an AVP themed Forum-RPG a long while back, and folks enjoyed it it seemed. The thread was alive and active, if not a bit hectic from 20-30 different people posting their interactions, but it was fun regardless!

All about that ‘theater of the mind’ aspect (Vampire: The Masquerade is another favored RPG for that reason, the whole World of Darkness universe is awesome to me). Closing your eyes and being able o see exactly what your surrounding look like, how the battle is playing out as if it were on a television before you, even if it’s merely a hasty vocal or text-based description… I like it :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah the thing was relatively soft-hitting to me, but keeping its attention on me was a pain until I actually had something that threatened it and since only Magic and that Silver did any kind of lasting damage on it, the fight took a while. Still, those end up being the fun encounters, the ones that shake up the norm and make it more than just another ‘Auto Attack Encounter’, make you think about your next turn carefully O.o


I really enjoyed playing as an assassin because I had abilities that could prevent enemies from healing. Also lots of damage increasing skills.

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In a fairly recent (now dead) campaign, our DM had one of the big bads attack our starting town. My character, a halfling Sorcerer, was pretty much the only magic user, and so the other players turned to me for an escape plan.

I used Bluff against the commander of the evil army, saying we were more useful alive than dead.

Nat 20, we were now soldiers for an evil god.


Yeah our Rogue is really starting to like the class. I can’t recall the Rogue paths for 5e, but he has a NASTY opening strike, something along the lines of Guaranteed Crit (If they can be) on his first sneak attack in combat with both his weapons. It’s crazy. Afterwards he evens out, but not a lot of things survive that kind of damage up front, then two Rage-Fueled Barbarians clobbering it right after.

I see many encounters with some sort pf Physical Resistance in our future :stuck_out_tongue:


I was actually a 3.5e assassin. It upsets me that it is just a martial rogue subclass now. They got rid of all my cool shadow magic abilities.

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Hey, whatever works, right? You’re alive to figure out if that’s the right thing to do or not hehe

Unexpected twistst like that make the game awesome. DM could have an entire Play’s worth of material for you, but it never quite remains completely intact once Players get involved :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hehe well at least they fleshed out the base classes a bit. 3.5 Barbarian was a bit… bland, and both Fighters and rogues weren’t far behind them on just the base class. I know ROgues got those enhanced abilities beyond 10th level, but up until then they were right up there with the other Melee; one-trick ponies :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure our DM will work with our rogue, he isn’t afraid to homebrew some stuff if players are interested in one thing or another, and usually does a good job at making sure it isnt too powerful or underwhelming (Quick to fix it either way if they are, too.)


I thought 3.5 fighter had a lot of good variety to it. What with its 100+ paragon paths. Even if half of them really weren’t viable.

Oh, and what are the mechanics of a 5e werewolf? I haven’t looked at them.


I suppose, I was never a big fan of looking through 80 different sourcebooks to find something that could work, that in of itself kinda led me to believe the base class needd some serious love, but hey, long as noone approaches me asking for a Warblade ever again, I’ll hear anyone’s idea out :stuck_out_tongue:

Me neither, honestly. At the moment I’m debating it, do I keep it unknown to myself and see what’s in store while completely in the dark? Or do I look it up and see how the DM will (Likely) alter it to better fit his story?

May have to flip a coin :stuck_out_tongue:


That Bard story, it is glorious!

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