Being Able to "Store" Charged Shots for Crow


I like the idea of being able to charge up a shot then switch to another ability. This would allow you to always have a shot ready. Thoughts? Yes or no?


Agree. Hate charging up that shot and being forced to waste it. C:


I also think this would be a good thing with the nerfs to capacity on the stasis gun.


Though a really cool idea , I’m gonna pass on it.
It would add another later of complexity that Crow doesn’t need. Newbs wouldn’t use it and higher ups would destroy with it.


I don’t think it would destroy, considering how the skill-based stats to Crow were earlier smothered under flame and ash. I miss those days.


I’m absolutely fine with this. That’s just me of course. I prefer things to be complicated and complex.


I think it would make opening combat too easy for higher-skilled players. For example, charging on the chase or while trying to track the Monster down, then burst in with an IMMEDIATE 60% slow that’s unavoidable the second you’ve got LoS. Just too much of an advantage IMO, and a straight buff to Crow, which he doesn’t need.

It would also put an arguable advantage over Abe’s ability to open combat with Stasis, considering how much harder it is to get out of Crow’s Stasis instead of a grenade’s field.


Forgive me Shunty but I’m going to say no to the idea

Like Azmi said, it is a good idea but just know it is a buff

The Charged Shots are a punishment for the Monster if they stand around. Adding Storing to it would just make it a unbalanced weapon for fast firing with Charged Shots


Maybe if the stored charge’s slow was reduced and that manouver forced you into a reload/recharge, then it could be balanced. Instant slow to follow up after, but a chance for monster to run away should you miss.


Charged shots and then swap weapon

  1. If you mean charged shots will allow auto switch after usage

What if you missed the charged shot ? And swap to other ability

  1. you are charging the shot while you’re using other abilities . It’s a buff .

I am against both . It’s a terrible idea


Good god no. Crow’s already strong enough as it is. A charged shot should absolutely have a trade off.


Perhaps after we see the new changes in action, but it sounds more like an adaptation idea to me. Perhaps the adaptation could store charged kinetic shots too


Watch the vid, and all the naysayers I would like to hear your argument against it. One more time, please explain to me why is it such a bad idea.


Video doesn’t show unless you actually go to my older post.


I agree - why did no one ever think of that before?

But sadly, we will never see a Crow adaptation, so the chances of this are highly unlikely, considering the fact that none of the DLC characters will support a tier of adaptations.

However, that is a very good idea! :crow:


DLC adaptations just haven’t been confirmed yet, doesn’t mean they aren’t happening


Oh, goody.

Well, don’t charge a shot before you climb. That’s just dumb on your part and you should know better.

It’s a known mechanic of the game AND it makes sense. He has to let go of the trigger to climb up, which means he stops charging his gun we may not let go of the trigger, but he visibly does. Same as Markov stopping using the lightning gun when he climbs.


He uses both hands to pull himself up. Hence charge is lost.
True sometimes things in games may not make sense but are there because they help the game in whichever way. Not needed in this case.
If you do want the charge to hold when you get to the top of a climb then you have to have enough fuel so you don’t have to do the grab animation.


I’m pretty sure that DLC adaptations have been confirmed nonexistent. But hey, unless you could find some evidence proving otherwise, I’m all ears.


Well, I can’t find proof because the burden of proof is on you. If TRS said nothing, then DLC adaptations are still possible. If TRS said something, and that something was them confirming they won’t happen, then you’d need to find that.

I know they haven’t confirmed DLC Adapts but I haven’t heard them deny them, ya see?


I was pretty sure - no, almost one hundred percent - that they were denied. Maybe I could find something somewhere, I’ll be sure to let you know if I catch something.