Being able to spectate and cast games


I play this game almost 8 hours a day. Stream it. There have been multiple discussions about tournaments, I’ve seen one so far for ESL and there’s one on the evolvegame subreddit. What I haven’t seen (I haven’t been paying too close attention for until recently) is any news about some sort of spectator feature. I don’t mind if you can’t spectate random games but I would absolutely love to be able to spectate custom matches. Allow one or two slots (two preferrable because casting solo can be quite awkward at times) for people to cast games. I think it would add a lot to any tournament/esports scene that could be cropping up as well as creating a whole new area of content on twitch/youtube for people to use/view/create. If we could have a way to toggle between each hunter and the monster. I’d also like to see a first and third person camera for the hunters with the third person camera having a free view. As well as a total free view camera to get a wider view of the battlefield when fights erupt inside an arena. As of now it’s really hard to do any sort of casting because you can only really get one perspective and you can’t really analyze situations well only knowing one persons point of view. Hopefully you guys consider this as a hopeful caster it would be fantastic to see. If this has been previously posted or already discussed I apologize but figure I would throw it out there.


110% Agree! I really want to start casting this game!