Being A Wraith Main is Killing Me


I know we have tons of upcoming changes. However, wraith is killing me right now. Everyone plays Waggie. Basically decoy ends up being useful only when setting up abductions. Wraith can’t survive against good teams and here’s why. His armor and health are so low. Wraith has to be next to whoever he’s attacking to attack them. Orbitals and assualts hurt you bad because of that. I can land every single attack and I’ll still end up with no armor and halfway through my health by the time I down someone. Unfortunately, it’s pretty impossible to kill 3 hunters keep them all down with daisy to help out with only 3 bars of health. Abduction is glitchy. Sometimes it can land but instead of abducting it will just do minor health damage. Harpoons stop abdctions. Mad mags makes it impossible to Abduct at a relay. Among other things. Sunny wrecks wraith and Hyde wrecks wraith. I just think it’s silly that a monster that has to be right next to you to kill you can’t survive being right next to you for very long.


Wraith’s health and armor isn’t low… like… at all.


Wraiths armor… Low? Must be new to the game.


Its probably best just to play a different monster at this point. Eh you could just play kraken if you want since hunters are running the same old same old comp over and over with the same outcome for you. Plus Abduct is buggier than usual it has a chance for you to be stuck in its model and well the hunters will make sure to attack you while you can’t do anything but strangely glide across the map very slowly.


Not new. Wraiths armor is higher than it used to be. However, it melts when you have to focus someone. Other monsters can at least get through a combo or 2.


wraiths fine ive killed tons of teams without using decoy I might add ive lost like 9 matches as her


Wraith should be back to where she was, instead TRS insists on pushing the brawler Wraith into the meta. However, Wraith is fine; just learn to play her properly. She’s the fastest in-combat Monster, use that to your advantage, dart around the fight, get combos off, break LoS, etcetera.

She’s fast in combat, slow out of it. Use it to your advantage. Simple combos help too.


Well my only real complaint on her is the fact that she feels sluggish. She can’t attack right away after she use any of her abilities. It’s fucking annoying as hell. I have to mash attack 3-5 times before she thinks about attacking.

I’d go on but I’ve ranted enough about her and clearly TRS doesn’t care.


They’re reverting the heavy attack in the micropatch. TRS does care …sometimes.


20 days ago . You question people if they think wraith is not viable

It’s funny how things have changed

Wraith is considered UP . Her heavy attack bug . The effectiveness of harpoons are higher than before

All CC work pretty well against wraith . She is more vulnerable than any other monster to CC

after decoy reworked , I would think her health would increase . Latest photo teased it .

Wraith needs some buffs . She will be in the right place


Yeah… they care… in the wrong areas usually…

I’ll hold my tounge in regards to Wraith until 9.0 but when it comes and if Wraith still feels sluggish then I will have the saddest if faces.