Behind the voices

I decided to make a list of the voices behind the hunters in Evolve, I love the dialogue and I feel that they deserve some praise for the amazing job.



Maggie is Voiced by the voice actress: Cherise Boothe

She currently havent had any big roles in video game voiceacting but is known for her work in the movies: 42 (2013), Everyone’s Hero (2006) and The Wool Cap (2004).


Griffin is voice by the voice actor: JB Blanc

JB Blanc have a lot of roles in the video game and anime industry. some of the more recogniseable are

Bane from Batman: Arkham Origins

Zinyak from Saints Row 4

and Sheogorath from Elder Scrolls Online


Abe is voiced by voice actor: Matthew Mercer

Matthew Mercer have a lot of roles in the video game and anime industry. some of the more recogniseable are

Anarky from Batman Arkham Origins


Leon S. Kennedy from Resident Evil 6


and Z.W.E.I. from Soul Calibur 5



Val is voiced by voice actress: Courtenay Taylor


Courtenay Taylor doesnt have a lot of voices in games, but some of the ones she has is

NIADRA from Starcraft 2: Heart of the swarm

and Ada Wong from Resident Evil: Damnation


Lazerus is voiced by voice actor: Tom Mardirosian


Tom Mardirosian only have 1 voice video game world as Mr Smith from the game Bully. but he is has participated in a number of tv-series and movies, one of the newest being: Let’s Be Cops (2014)


Caira is voiced by the voice actress: Fryda Wolff


Fryda wolff have a few voices in the video game industry, she was a voice actor for Call of Duty Advanced warfare voicing some of the non important characters, she was the main charactar’s voice actor from Planetside that came in 2003 and she is the narrator for the newly release Sid Meir’s Civilization: Beyond Earth.




Markov is voiced by the voice actor: Dimitri Diatchenko

Dimitri Diatchenko have had a lot of voice actor roles as non important chararacters and have participated both in movies and in tv-series Some of the games he has participated in is: The Last of Us, Tomb Raider, Call of duty Black ops 1 and 2.


Hyde is voiced by the voice actor: Ben Crowe


Ben Crowe is a Director/Writer who have no voices in the video game industry


Parnell is voiced by the voice actor: Dorian Lockett


Dorian Lockett have only participated in 3 shorts and 2 video games as

Carter Bell from Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris

and Alvin from The Walking Dead: Season Two



Hank is voiced by voice actor: William Salyers

William Salyers have participated in a few cartoons and games, his most known roles are

Mordin Solus from Mass Effect 3


and Victor Valente from The Darkness 2



Bucket is voiced by the voice actor: Peter Jessop


Peter Jessop have voiced in a few movies and cartoons such as justice league, batman and avatar, he also have voice acting in a few games but nothing major within the last few years.



Cabot is voiced by the voice actor: Daniel Riordan


Danial Riordan have a lot of voices in games, which are highly known such as

Alduin From Skyrim

Marcelo Jimenez from The Evil Within


and Colonel Rooks from Prototype 2


I hope you enjoyed the read and that you will like it so other people also can get to see it

PS: I used 2 hours to make this, so mods if you want to delete or move it, can you atleast wait 1 day so people can get to read it first >.<


Fun and informative read.

Is it just me or do the characters resemble the voice actors?

Thanks for doing this!


I was thinking the same!

Especially laz and his voice actor XD

Was a good read. +1

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am i the only one that think parnell really sounds like obama sometimes, i was almost hoping for him to be the voice actor, that was why i was curious xD

MFW Nolan North finally isn’t in a game.


Holy shit Caira is exactly how she would look if she was human

My younger brother just pointed out to me that Hank’s voice actor is the same guy who voices Rigby from Regular Show, and holy wow the range of voices these people can do is amazing! Thanks for digging these up!


I imagine this was intentional. I mean in game the characters have facial expressions and their mouths move when they talk, if they look a bit like they do IRL they could have did motion capture and voice acting at the same time, and saved a lot on production costs, while getting a higher level of animation realism.

Really? I love Regular Show. That’s epic. But I guess I’ll never think of Rigby or Hank in the same way.

Also, Riordan seems to act a lot of leadership roles.

They should have got an Aussie to voice griffin rather than JB Blanc.

griffins voice is awesome. i honestly thought it was an austrailian voicing him :smiley:

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It is alot better than most Australian accents foreigners put on (The best i have heard) but its still just a very stereotypical accent. I need to listen to it again to say what about it that i didn’t like. It just didn’t sound completely accurate

he is not from australia, he is from a space colony somewhere deep in space, which is why i like the accents even though they might not sound ‘‘like normally born humans from the country’’

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To add:

Daniel Riordan - Primarch Adrien Victus from Mass effect 3

Courtenay Taylor - Jack/Subject Zero from Mass effect 2 and 3

Lazarus and Maggie are looking same as their actors and GOD are all the female voice actors pretty.

No love for Abe’s VA?

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.