Behemouth buffs


It’s starting to look like Behemouth is going to need a buff. What kind of buff do you all think he should have?


Only buff he needs is in his gut, damn hes gotten flabby


I think he’s really strong. At stage 1 he can down people pretty effectively imo. He needs to pressure the Hunters, not the other way around.


Have you been watching the early access streams? He goes down so fast. The idea that he’s a tank is a joke. He goes down way faster than the other monsters.


In the matches I’ve seen him win the hunters didn’t play well. Do you have early access?


I wish I did :frowning: I would love to show people what I perceive to be his strengths. I feel that most people showing him off are doing just that. Showing him off and not playing to his strengths. The best one was when TRS was playing the other day with the T4 hunters on Aviery. Behemoth ended up losing, but it showed how much damage he can do when he focuses.

I saw him down someone pretty cleanly at Stage 1.


They oughta give it to you. I doubt I’m the only one who thinks he looks really week. In most of the gameplay I’ve seen where the Behemouth is fighting a good team he gets destroyed.


I think behemoths takes more damage than his health makes it viable. He’s supposed to be tankier, but There was the cabot parnell match where he had no chance to mitigate the damage and got destroyed. Really the only thing he can do is rock wall, which should last longer, and be thrown up quicker, IMO.


Using your moves opens up your weak point. In those matches he faces the ENTIRE team and tries to do a move. The whole team gets free headshot damage. Behemoth doesn’t work like that. He is much more calculated in where and when to use moves.


I was watching guidance and someone he was playing with suggested Behemouth taking reduced damage from behind.


sadly madcowws stream has no viewers which means no viewers = no PR = no early access.


Yeah i watched them all, he seems like he goes down pretty quick but he has so much it doesnt even matter. He has massive damage capability, he just can never really be on the defensive. Also, why do people always say tank means defense, in my experience a Tank just means high af health


Yup. He trades evasion for lasting longer in a gun fight. You just need to be good in your gunfight or you’ll lose.


I took tanky to mean being able stay in the fight for a long time. From what I’ve seen goliath and kraken can fight way longer than behemouth.


The problem is he doesn’t last longer.


But not because they are tank, cause they are evasive.

Behemoth IS tankier in the sense that if both didn’t move the Behemoth would outlost all the rest. That means tankier. Actually results vary because Goliath, and co, use evasion to negate damage where Behemoth ‘soaks’ it.


I’m sorry but “much more calculated”? Wraith has to be calculated because of its low health pool. Behemoth should NOT. That’s the point of being a tanky person. You move slower but you have more health to make more possible mistakes.


That’s because those players were…not great, I suppose you could say. Devs said it themselves- Behemoth is still new to them. If you saw a novice pre-nerf Wraith play, you’d think it was UP as well.


I’m not talking about when they’re doing nothing but running away. I know behemouth has the most health, but he’s so easy to hit that he goes down faster. Like I said, when I think of a tank I think of lasting a long time in thick of battle.


I really hope this is what it boils down to. What could they have done differently though