Behemoth's wall of doom

Agree if the monster’s great wall of Shear should do damage or not do damage -------- I say no, it shouldn’t

You can make a poll btw :smile:

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It’s a giant wall of rock that erupts out of the ground and plows through you as it does so.

Yes. Yes it should do damage.


Yeah, I agree with this, plus, it’s easy to dodge, just go forward or backwards.


-Yes it should do damage

-No it should not do damage


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Put space between

  • yes
  • no

So embarrassing

It’s ok lol, everyone has difficulties when they first try xD
Just follow the exact same format and also, you can edit your first post.

Put a space I did?

Why shouldn’t it do damage? It’s a massive Rock wall shooting up out of the ground. It barely does damage anyway.

It should be used as cover

Why can’t it be for both. Behemoth is already at a disadvantage, he’s barely mobile. All other monsters do damage with all abilities as well, even Wraith’s abduction.

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I guess, yea you do make a point

Should Behemoth’s Rockwall do damage?

  • Yes, it should do damage
  • No, it should not do damage
  • I don’t like Behemoth so I have no opinion

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Here’s your poll. :smile:


There you go! :smile:

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Thank you brother lol --First it didnt work, then it worked but couldnt post, then it wouldnt work

Dont you dare touch my behemoth >:(

Best monster?

Besides, Behemoth can’t handle any nerfing right now. He’s struggling to hang on as is.