Behemoth's tail is


Is it me, or Behemoth’s tail is kinda cute?


It’s one of those things I always forget about, but it’s there.


Bob’s tail will always be cute hahaha


he is the one of the few monster i found adorable. who else wants a cuddly stone monster.


ALL of Behemoths body us cute, it’s a pity the camera angles never let you see all of him


Same feelings here.


guys speaking of bob and his cuddly form, i wonder if on oktober could be the month of monsters like the last year but instead having the monsters to get their variations and perhaps an new map or two.
i do not know how much the devs work on bob and wraiths variations but i am pretty sure that they will some time later hinting an gorgon variation but that is just wishful thinking my part.


Nothing wrong with calling random things sexy. I think my computer is sexy. :heart_eyes: . My code is sexy :flushed:


Takes after a terrapin


His tail is an adorable little pine cone and I love it.


Clearly a pangolin tail.


Now that’s a beautiful thing.


People are flag happy today…I think everyone is salty about all the bans lol.


Yeah I collect all salt in turn lakes in to the seas.


off to write fan fiction I go.


Behemoth be like,

Seriously, his tail is absolutely adorable. He’s so cute. <3


Bob is cute.
But everyone else think Bob is a monster.
Bob is good.
Bob loves everyone.
Bob shakes his tail when he is happy.
Bob loves his cute tiny little tail.


Bob is probably the most adorable monster,I do not know why.Perhaps the variation of Bob is more frightening.
@Aramet Damm,this makes me miss my dog.


Oh its super cute…


Bob is shy