Behemoth's Skins


I’ve looked in the store and I couldn’t find the Behemoth skins. I heard they would be out with Behemoth but they aren’t.


I only saw the Jade skin on the X1 store. But I purchased it and it worked!


wtf D: I thought the Jade skin was supposed to be exclusive for PC Monster Race for 30 days D:


I think PCMR and the Digital Deluxe are the same except PCMR gets T5 monster and two T5 hunters.




Dunno what to tell you. I have all the skins now including Jade and the Cosmic skins.


I really wish TRS would have said the name of the skins instead of “4 mystery skins” they really need to communicate that stuff better T_T Its getting kinda frustrating trying to guess what the skins are gunna be…


so if i didn’t get the pc monster race pack, after 30 days i will be able to buy the lovely behemoth jade skin?


That is correct!


yay i love green! i really cant wait for this, so happy :smiley:


also did the 30 days start when the Behemoth was released?




more descriptive


ty :smile:


Its pretty sweet I ordered the PCMR and its a nice green and when your armor is full or close to full you have an orange glow its pretty nice.


that sounds great, i didnt realise we got anything like that for getting the pack, but i am sooo happy to have been told i can get these skins anyway, as i have the behemoth and the hunters, so i really wanted the skin, green is my fav colour, and it just looks like it belongs being green, i really cant wait, the orange glow sounds so cool!


I can buy the jade skin on ps4
Standard edition of the game
Man that’s a bold skin


2K did bad marketing they said that the cosmic skins and the jade skin but they apparently intended them to be PCMR exclusive on pc only but xbox and ps4 get them at the same time as PCMR.


so are they out now for pc? i would check my self but currently im away from my pc that has evolve so i cant check the store, and i cant see them in the steam store?


I just got a friend to check and they are in the store