Behemoth's "Roll X" tactic intended?


I was watching Gucci’s twitch stream last night and he was steam rolling (no pun intended) hunters using what he called “Roll X”. For those who have never seen or heard of it, it involves rolling into a hunter then coming out of the roll to melee, then rolling again, canceling the roll, and melee again; wash, rinse repeat. Note: I have never tried this, this was gathered from Gucci’s explanation, and his demonstration.

Let me state as a disclaimer that, taking advantage of a hunters lack of positioning and situational awareness is not exploiting the game or a bug, it is skill on the Monsters part. Dev’s (this post is intended for a devolopment response, not community theories because let’s face it we all have em), as for the tactic “Roll X”; do you consider this an exploit?



Its an exploit, its gonna be fixed


link please


But @MacMan was talking about the tactic when he was streaming with Chloe a few weeks you go


I would imagine it’ll be addressed, as perma-knockback is hardly fun for anyone O.o

If anything, I think it’ll simply be on the Heavy-Melee cooldown timer, so you know… once every 3-4 seconds or so, but until then you come out of Roll with a Light Melee :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah he said it was gonna be fixed or somethin, i dont remember exactly


will be fixed so behemoth won’t do damage at all in close range :slight_smile:


Aww but its a good tactic



Not intended, will be fixed.


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