Behemoth's Rockwall problems


Playing behemoth for the challenge weekend has made me realise how easy it is to spawn the wall too close to you which usually ends up with Bob being pushed out of the map or on the wrong side of the wall. To try and stop this i think a minimum distance should be added, kinda like torvalds morters?


I’m down for that


But what about instances where you want a really close wall. I sometimes use it to block off a body right under me so I can eat it, or to block a hunter that was about to get past me. Would have to depend on what the minimum range actually is.

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Im not thinking something huge, maybe 5-10 metres away just so you have room to stay and not get moved about and if you’re aiming too close it will just automatically go to the minimum distance away.


I’ve heard you’re even able to push yourself out of dome with rockwall. And Torvald is able to drop mortars right to his feet, just aim at the sky(if it’s still in game).

I think the best solutions is to place a holes in wall in places where Behemoth collides with a wall. And reduce the pushing force on collision with a wall and Behemoth.

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